OK so maybe this Parking Job does deserve one of those notes…


Thanks to @davebergman for tweeting us:

“A beautiful parking job in capitol hill #notquiteparallelparking @popville”

So maybe some of these notes do make a little sense…

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  • Yesterday I just sat and watched a car do a solid bumper-car impression trying to get into a space that was obviously too small for the car. He decided to run away by scraping along the car in front of him. The whole time I just stood there and watched. The guy saw me take a picture of his license plate, I don’t get how he didn’t get out of his car and say something.

    So so cringe-worthy.

    • I saw a guy doing that on Capitol Hill a few months back. Another car blocked him in and a lady was yelling at him on the other side while someone called the police. I definitely just kept walking…

  • I dunno, maybe this guy was actually here first and parked really crooked so that there would be spaces for cars both in front and behind of him, just in case somebody needed it.

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