New Sports Bar and Tavern, The Pitch, opening Monday in Petworth

4015 Georgia Ave, NW just south of Taylor Street

Your prayers have been answered. Well some of your prayers have been answered. Let me rephrase, my prayers have been answered. We first heard about The Pitch back in May but the liquor license placard language was way off (not to be a Jazz Lounge) this is going to be a real deal sports bar. And for my fellow soccer fans, there is a huge international component. Hours will be Sun.-Thurs. 4pm-12am and Fri.-Sat. 4pm – 2am with happy hour 4-7pm Mon.-Fri.

I stopped in for a chat with the owner and general manager. You’ll just have to trust me on this until you get to check it out for yourself – this place is the real deal. There are two levels with flat screen tvs and a projector for big games/matches. In addition to all DC sports teams they’ll be a huge “destination for international sports” including Premier League and La Liga soccer matches as well as cricket and rugby.

Co-owner Jay Narain says:

We have created a venue that appeals to a diverse crowd, including families, sports fans and most importantly the resident of the Petworth community, both old and new. Like our neighborhood, our menu is a little Caribbean meets Southern comfort, meets Americana; together that creates some damn good food. Who doesn’t want that?

Hell freaking yes!!! And for real the guy is a down to earth honest to goodness good guy.


Oh yeah they have a sweet roof deck (and in the spring will have a nice back patio too):


And here’s some more info from the owners plus some sweet photos they had hanging on the walls as a taste of what’s to come

“The Pitch Tavern is celebrating its opening week, beginning Monday, January 5th! Located on Georgia Avenue in the up-and-coming Petworth neighborhood, The Pitch offers a two-level space that will treat sports fans to an exciting viewing experience featuring a projection TV and multiple flat screen TV’s. Along with being a proud supporter of DC’s home teams, The Pitch will also be the destination for international sports including Premier League and La Liga matches, cricket and rugby to name just a few. But we’re more than great sports! In the near future, The Pitch will offer live music and DJs, karaoke, and much more! 

Celebrate our opening week with daily food and drink specials showcasing our fantastic menu and thirst-quenching libations.

For our opening week, we keep the festivities going through the weekend with live bands on Friday and Saturday nights.

”We are excited about bringing this concept to Petworth,” says co-owner Jay Narain, who has lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years. “We have created a venue that appeals to a diverse crowd, including families, sports fans and most importantly the residents of the Petworth community, both old and new. Like our neighborhood, our menu is a little Caribbean, meets Southern comfort, meets Americana; together that creates some damn good food. Who doesn’t want that?”

The menu offers such classic “game day” items as savory hamburgers, wings, and sausage and peppers, but also provides such palate pleasing selections as Southern fried chicken, shrimp curry, and a New York sirloin cooked to order. Our menu will eventually expand to include brunch on Saturday and Sunday so you can watch the EPL match of the day while inhaling our chicken and waffles.

”We plan to offer all the premier sporting events,” continues Narain, who has incorporated into the decor local and international sports memorabilia, “and we look forward to hosting many sports related and community events.

My motivation for The Pitch Tavern was my desire to create a place for all people to come and enjoy themselves. Good food, good vibes, and good times – always.”










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  • Hmm they’ll need to open earlier than 4pm on weekends to catch the Premier League games since they start at 10:00am usually. However, if they want to show MLS games that’d be welcomed!

  • Love seeing more places for soccer, especially farther from downtown.

    Question, though: How are they going to show Premier League/La Liga/Bundesliga matches if they don’t open till 4pm? Will they have special hours during the European season to open early?

    • If you read the picture of the press release, it says that the menu will eventually expand to include brunch on Saturdays and Sundays for EPL matches. Presumably once the January transfer window has closed?

  • epric002

    i’m excited about this!

  • PoP, I had to chuckle at those first three sentences.

  • I’m excited for a sports bar in my area! It seems like more international sports though. I hope they will show US sports as well (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF). Does anyone know if that laundromat below will be staying there?

  • Finally!! A place with a tv in Petworth!! I’ve been checking on this place for 4 months. Stopped in 3 months ago and the owner said they’d be open in 2 weeks. I’ll take it though.

  • Whoh! Huge News! Much bigger fan of the sports bar concept. Hope they plan on having MLB, NFL and NBA games on though. That’s definitely what my friends and I watch the most. Petworth severely lacked a great sports bar. This place will do a killing. – assuming it’ll have American sports as well. So stoked! And legit food!!!! That’s also key.

  • Who cares about your brunch menu?

    If you want to be a proper soccer pub, PLEASE open early for the weekend games!

  • Finally, a place within walking distance of me to watch Nats away games. Duffy’s was great, I just wished in was in Petworth.

  • This is 4015 Georgia Avenue isn’t it? The picture caption says 4105. I’m always happy to see another football bar open and I can see spending a lot of time there if they show the rugby and cricket, as well.

  • What’s the beer situation look like? DC Brau, 3 Stars, Atlas, etc? A slew of German lagers? A collection of identical and disappointing macros?

  • Walking down the street a couple of months ago… Random guy stops me and asks ” Do you like Cricket”. I am like, “Yeah”. He is like, “we are opening a bar here and we will have cricket”. I am like “YAY”. Can’t wait for IPL Saturday brunch in the summer.

  • jim_ed

    I’m not much of a soccer guy, so I hope the traditional sports watching will be hometown focused. It’d be nice to go to a place and not have to ask the staff to have the Wizards or Nats game turned on.

    • Totally agree. How can you be a sports bar and not be open all day on Saturday and Sunday for NFL, MLB, NCAAA games? Love the soccer concept, but can’t forget the others too!

      • Not a sports fan here, but doesn’t pretty much any sports bar show those games?
        It sounds like this sports bar is oriented more toward — or at least will feature prominently alongside basketball, football, etc. — the international sports of soccer and cricket.

        • Most sports bars in the city show those games, yes. Unfortunately, Petworth severely lacks in any sports bar with food, so Im hoping for a more well rounded place. At least until more come into the neighborhood. Plus, sports bars have to be open all day Sat & Sun. No question.

        • Its orientation is kind of hinted at in the place’s name — “pitch” is UK English for “playing field.”

    • Agreed. Nothing against soccer or cricket but my idea of a ‘real deal sports bar’ is a bit different than this sounds.

  • “I’m at the Pitch in Petworth, where are you?”
    “Me to, at the bar at the Pinch, but I don’t see you!”
    “Well, I’m here!”

  • So excited that they’ll be playing the rugby! With the time difference, I hope they have their early weekend openings sorted for Six Nations kicking off in February. Maybe I won’t have to trek all the way down to Virginia to catch the matches!

  • Happy New Year! The Pitch is excited to feature local, U.S. (NBA, MLS, NFL, MLB, NHL etc.) and international sports. We can’t wait to expand our weekend hours so we can catch those early EPL matches. We also intend to extend hours as needed to cover special sporting events worldwide. Look forward to seeing you all in the days to come. Cheers!

    • Will you be open on Sunsays for NFL football?

      • Absolutely! We’ll be showing NFL post season games beginning January 10. Stay tuned for Super Bowl 49 specials.

        And of course next season we will show NFL games. Go Skins!!

        • Let us know if you ever decide to do MMA too. The closest local place to watch – tonic – closed down a few months back! Good luck we look visiting! BTW, will the place be kid friendly (during appropriate hours)?

          • MMA and boxing fight nights are definitely on our radar. As we establish our online presence via our website (coming soon) and social media, we’ll keep all informed of special events.

            We are kid-friendly and have a baby changing table in one of restrooms to prove it. PoP met the youngest member of the Pitch team who just turned 8 weeks old today.

          • +1 for MMA. For example, UFC 182 is this Saturday. I’m a Petworth resident, but I’ll have to travel all the way to to Public Bar near Dupont to actually watch it (and buy hours’ worth of food/drink).

          • gotryit

            +1 more for MMA. I wouldn’t normally hit up a sports bar, but for a good MMA fight + good beers, I’d be there.

          • jim_ed

            I love the idea of a Petworth bar carrying big boxing fights. Normally I have to trek all the way out to Arlington to see them. I’ll be there for nearly all of them.

        • Thanks Pitch! Me and my friends will definitely be in for NFL, NCAA and baseball. So glad we finally have a sports bar with food in Petworth. It’s been a HUGE hole. You’ll do well here.

  • The reason most bars don’t carry MMZ or Boxing is the fee. Normally in the $2,000+ rage.

  • Yay! Please play all the Nats games, I’ll come by and spend some dough there.

  • I live about 2 minute walking distance from The Pitch Tavern. I was super excited to see that a tavern was opening up so close to me. The pitch implied to me that they would serve pitchers of beer and that it would be a pretty relaxed placed — kind of a dive bar sports bar. I was pretty disappointed when I walked in and it was more of an upscale kind of bar. The food was on the pricier side, the beer on draught was $6, bottled beer $7, and no pitchers of beer. I know Petworth is up-and-coming, but this bar really does not appeal to “the resident of Petworth.” $14 burger? C’mon. This bar is really geared towards the incoming yuppie crowd this neighborhood has been attracting. Since it just opened, hopefully this bar will re-evaluate it’s prices / atmosphere and really try and bring in the average Petworth resident.

    • I’m glad it wasnt a dive bar and really liked the setup. Judging from all the people that were in there when I went and the number of people talking about it, I’d say other people agree. There are plenty of dive bar options if that’s what you want. I, for one, welcome a sleek and clean sports bar. Prices didn’t bother me, but the fries had cinnamon on them. Awful. Wings were serviceable. The burger was good. I’d like to see them add nachos or something. If they get the MLB, NBA and NFL ticket, I’ll be in all the time. They need more drafts too, but they are new and the owners seems to be gathering recon to adjust to what people want. How about a website so we know your hours?

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