Nats Outfielder, Jayson Werth, gets 10 days in Jail for Speeding in Virginia

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ESPN reports:

“Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth was convicted Friday of reckless driving and sentenced to 10 days in jail for driving his Porsche over 100 mph on the Capital Beltway earlier this year.

While the judge imposed a 10-day sentence, in reality Werth would likely serve only five days because of rules and procedures at the county jail.”

They also note, Werth is expected to appeal the sentence.

Ed. Note: We last spoke about the repercussions of speeding in Virginia here.

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  • I hope this brings some needed attention to the absurd punishments for “reckless driving” in Virginia. Yes, driving fast is dangerous, but the arbitrary 20mph over constituting reckless driving is absurd. Big difference between getting caught at 65mph at the end of the dulles access rd (where it drops to 45 out of nowhere), and doing 20mph over the limit past a school.

    In this case, was he driving waaay too fast? Yes. Should he be punished? Yes. Would a huge number of community service hours provide more benefit to the state, cost less money and constitute a deterrent? Yes, yes and yes.

  • If I had a 911 GT3, I’d probably get into a lot of trouble. Thankfully owning one is not on my radar?

  • There needs to be more latitude in how the officers write the ticket. If the speed of traffic is moving on 66 at 70 mph in a 55 mph zone and you are going 75, going to jail over that is moronic.

    However, if you are going 20 miles over in a school or construction zone, reckless driving might be warranted.

    20 mph over = releckless driving is insanity.

  • 100 mph is pretty fast. I’m with Eric on this one; considering Jayson’s stardom in the district, this is a missing opportunity for community service that can really benefit VA. Not sure exactly what though.

    • I disagree. There seems to be a widespread and flagrant disregard for traffic laws in this area. Throwing a high profile person in jail for a few days is as good a PSA as any other I can think of. Also, letting him do community service is essentially letting him off the hook – which would basically be saying that if you’re rich and famous you don’t get punished. I don’t see how that benefits society.

      • I thin this would get reduced if someone regular like me did it- not fair to punish him more harshly because he is a celeb

  • Previous commenters seem to be missing the point. He was going 105… on the Beltway. That’s NOT safe no matter how you slice it.

    • Absolutely right.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I won’t disagree with you that it is probably not a good idea, but it was at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning so there was probably very little traffic (if there was heavy traffic, it would be hard to get up to that speed, especially with MD drivers inevitably blocking the fast lane). It could be that there was a break in traffic, so he gunned it a bit, and in a Porsche, it wouldn’t take to long to go from 75 to 105 (and back down again if you came up on a car). I bet most people have gone 85 at some point in their lives and going 85 in a crappy car or SUV may be less safe than 105 in a sports car, which handles better, brakes better, etc. Either way, i agree that he should’t have been doing it, but jail seems excessive. I agree that community service and maybe a suspended license would have sufficed.

      • There is neither a time of day nor stretch of the Beltway at which it is safe to go 105. Traffic can stop at ANY moment for any reason.

    • I bet Jason does not like to get hit by a fast ball going 105 MPH.

      Compare the impact of a fastball at that speed, to a car at that speed.

      I hope he has learned something.

  • 105 is really not that hard to hit with any half-decent sports car. He probably entered the beltway from 193 and stayed in the right hand lane where it turns into the on-ramp for the GW parkway. That is a fun, right hand sweeper that curves uphill. Was it unsafe? Sure, why not. Reckless? Sure. I think jail time is stupid for this – as someone pointed out, make him do community service instead.

    • brookland_rez

      They don’t mess around in Virginia. I got busted for going 95 on my bike. I had a good lawyer and got just a $100 fine, but even my lawyer said 95 was right on the fringe of jail time in VA.

  • justinbc

    There’s no sensible way to justify going 100 MPH if the law is 55 or 65 or whatever is is where he was driving. If the law says he should do jail time then that’s what he should do. Coming up with community service ideas just to get him off is silly. Nobody should be treated differently, haven’t we learned this yet?

    • clevelanddave

      How about the idea, I think they do this in Sweden, is to base the fine on income. So if you made 10,000 a year last year you’d be fined say 20, 100,000 200 and a million 2,000.

  • Wow, that is absurd! Jail time for speeding?

    As much as people like to feign that speed makes our highways more dangerous, the statistics suggest otherwise. Germany’s freeways are famous for their lack of speed limits for certain vehicles in certain areas, but the fact is that Germany’s fatality rate on its freeways is far lower than Virginia’s.

  • I’m late to this party, but this is one of the best PoP comments I’ve ever read.

    There’s always a chorus of “call the police” for such things as alley urination, catcalls, loitering, etc. We’ve all seen plenty of “I hope that ATV driver crashes and burns. He deserves it.” type comments. Mr Baseball Star gets a “meh, 100mph isn’t THAT fast.”

    Careful showing your true colors.

  • To be fair, do we know that kids caught riding ATVs are actually serving any jailtime, akin to Werth?
    But your point stands: wealth rules all. This has been true from time immemorial. 🙁

    • clevelanddave

      And how is that the point? The guy is going to jail for a couple of days even though he was driving 105. The point seems to be that the (presumably) entitled, rich, liberal posters on here have a double standard: put the poor people driving the ATV’s in jail because it is a nuisance and bothering me, but there is a good excuse for being reckless if you are rich and driving a Porsche. I’m not saying I agree with that assessment but that is the point that is being made.

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