Most Expensive House Ever Sold in Brookland?

DC8505854 - Exterior (Front)

“Dear PoPville,

I searched the property records, but I can’t find a more expensive house that’s ever sold in Brookland than this one now under contract, and in only 22 days.”

The listing said:

“Builders put the Craftsman in Ship, equipped it to steal your breath, big twin engines in Noah’s Ark, immaculate inception, words won’t work, let your eyes scan the prize, your feet walk the size, run fingers along the finish, listen, diminished noise, Brookland poised, a lofty location, so near your vocation, a custom-built, brand-new, ground-up, hands-down masterpiece”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/4.5 bath was listed at $998,000.

Ed. Note: Remember the “renovated palace” once listed at $1,500,000? Of course it didn’t sell at that price.

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  • This man is like the Doge version of a real estate agent. So lofty, much craftsman…

  • “Under contract” does not necessarily mean “under contract at the list price.” We won’t know until after this property had closed what the actual sales price is.

    • +1

      It will be interesting to see what the final selling price is. Could end up being much less than this if the seller/contractor wanted to get rid of this house to move on to the next project.

      But as a Brookland resident, I continue to be excited about the rise in home values in the neighborhood.

    • brookland_rez

      This is true, but for it to go under contract so quickly, I’m betting it went for list or close.

      • I thought 22 days was a longish time for a house to be on the market — I feel like we keep reading that the inventory is so low that most houses go quickly.

        • That’s much less true than it was 6-8 months ago. But the market is still very hot in Brookland, and 22 days to me says that this went below list.

          • They dropped the list price significantly over the last month. They were originally asking for nearly $1.1M. I bet it goes close to current list price.

          • brookland_rez

            This is true. It was listed under a different MLS number. $1.1M was definitely too high IMO. $998 is appropriate. It’s a lot of house in a hot neighborhood.

  • SusanRH

    Nice house!!!

  • Dude, almost 7k sqft lot, 3.4k sqft house, 5 bathrooms. This is a double house on a triple/quadruple lot, basically. Not that far from the Brookland metro. And I actually love the finishes and omg look at all those windows. Why not that price?

    • Right. A house like this in Cleveland Park would probably go for around $3M. If you have a few kids, existing equity, and a spot in a good charter school, a place like this would look very attractive.

      • brookland_rez

        I’ve always thought of Brookland as the poor man’s Cleveland Park, relatively speaking 😉

        • Only downside is that Monroe St is a little noisy and there’s a bus stop in front of the house. But that’s not much of a downside.

  • Calling this a Craftsman is an insult to Crafstman houses everywhere. Exact same design, finishing and colors as every other boring house/flip job in DC.

    • At least there’s actually some moulding and interior window trim on this one. I love the renvations with windows that just look like holes cut into the drywall.

    • This wasn’t a flip. This was a vacant lot and this is a brand new construction by reputable builder. They didn’t make it in to one of the many track homes you see outside DC in the burbs they actually tried to fit into the neighborhood. There is another nicely done house up the street on Monroe that is a flip but it has no parking and is listed in the 800’s and hasn’t sold. No parking is the killer for me.

  • I immediately thought of the “renovated palace” (aka, Flintstones house), but realized it never would have sold at its ridiculous price.

  • From the tax records, it doesn’t look like the “renovated into a palace!” house (1001 Otis Street NE) ever did sell — not at its original price of $1.5M, nor at the subsequent price of $1.2M, nor at the later price of ~$1M and inclusion of a Lincoln Town Car.

  • justinbc

    Weren’t we just discussing this place a few weeks ago? I think maybe as a GDoN, or it came up while discussing another GDoN… I got a flier for the house dropped in my mailbox a while back.

  • Based on days on the market I’d guess that goes a bit below list. A house did just sell for $935k at 14th and Irving.

  • It was originally listed on 10/31 for $1,088,000, delisted 11/17, and relisted on 11/19 for $998,000. So, it was on market for a good bit longer than 22 days. I would guess it sold for about 980.

  • $288/sqft at listing price. That’s not bad at all.

  • Nice to see Tom Faison is listing stuff in Brookland now. I’m going to be honest, he’s won me over with his insane listings. They may be totally batshit but they are better than most of the all-caps mouthbreathing we usually see.

  • It is nice inside…but not worth a million. And 1001 Otis is so overpriced it’s shocking. Besides home prices being at record highs, these two listings are good signs DC’s housing market is due for a major correction.

    • How can you say the housing market is due for a major correction based on two listings? I think it’s doing well, things that aren’t priced well sit on the market and things that are go quickly. Brookland is a neighborhood that’s seen a lot of development recently, but most houses in Brookland aren’t a million or even close to it.

      • +1. And 1001 Otis NE is such an outlier that it shouldn’t count toward anything — clearly a case of an unrealistic seller, and a real estate agent who did little to rein in the seller’s crazy expectations.
        Just because prices are going up does not mean that they are going to fall. And while I expect that 1523 Monroe will go for under asking, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a general trend of houses in Brookland and elsewhere getting higher and higher prices.

    • possible corrections in places like Garfield and Wesley Heights. definitely not brookland or woodridge. those areas are still way underbuilt.

      we won’t see citywide drops for another 5 years.

  • Good for these guys, but it’s getting depressing for me as an aspiring Brookland resident. We (my wife and I) own a place in Rosedale and are looking to sell in the spring to get more space, a yard, etc. Brookland is pretty much it if you want to stay in the city. Between the prices skyrocketing and the anemic quality elementary school options, Brookland (and DC) are becoming less and less viable. Someone prove me wrong, please!

    • Actually, Burroughs (covers the eastern part of Brookland and parts of Woodridge) seems to be a school on the rise – I think if some parents got together and worked with the school it could be very good. Noyes is probably not going to see significant improvement anytime soon, but there are some good charters like Stokes and Yu Ying in the neighborhood, and other good ones within reasonable commuting distance.

  • Anyone have children in the in-boundary schools in that area? What are they like? Or do you send them off to other private/charter schools? I’m looking to buy in that area, but the school situation is a huge drawback.

  • This house was actually on the market for 44 days. It was originally listed at over a million then they took it off and relisted it at 998k. I think that price was on the market for 22 days before offer came in. Went to open house to seriously consider but can’t justify having house with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths for me and my dog. Gorgeous home for big family or growing family. Had all the bells and whistles even garage parking and at least 4 parking spots. Needs fence if kids or pets but that is minor. Even gas HW heater which so many builders aren’t doing to cheap out. I worry about the appraisal and finding comps for it. Probably final price no less than 950k.

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