Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

1901 Ingleside Terrace Northwest

This rental is located at 1901 Ingleside Terrace, Northwest. The listing says:

“Lovely, light condo on top floor of small condo building in tree-lined neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. 2 BR, 1.5 BA. Nicely updated with new windows, granite kitchen counters, gleaming appliances, new cabinetry and fixtures in kitchen and baths, new wood floors. Private balcony has views of Rock Creek Park. W/d in unit. Parking included. Minutes to Mount Pleasant square, recreational opportunities”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $2,650/Mo.

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  • I don’t want to know how they’ve managed to squeeze two bedrooms, one full bath, and a half bath into 734 square feet. It looks nice, but I bet it feels really cramped.

    • Agreed, that is not much space for two people. It would work as an apartment for a couple maybe, but definitely not for roommates.

    • I think units in this building are mostly duplexes, so that’s how they’re laid out. The common living room in this place looks very cramped, while the bedrooms are actually adequate sized.
      There’s a really nice 1BR/1.5BA with two balconies on sale for $399K in this building. A little overpriced, but quite lovely and tons of light and includes a garage spot.

      • Maybe…the master bedroom looks reasonably sized, but if you look at the second bedroom, it looks like there is barely enough space for a full sized bed and a small nightstand. I don’t think you could fit a queen in that space and still walk around the bed. I’m not sure I’d call it adequate. This is probably more realistically a one bedroom plus an office or nursery.

  • It looks really nice but between the small size and it’s distance from public transportation, I think it’s overpriced by maybe $200 (the parking spot helps though).

  • Really cute, and good value! Dining/living space is a little small, but for that price, you can’t have everything. I’d totally go for it, if I was on the market.

  • This one was also just recently for sale, I remember the photos. While I suppose it could have sold and is being rented out as an investment property, the fact that the photos are the same as in the sales listing leads me to believe that it did not sell at the price asked, and is thus being rented out instead. I’m always leery of renting such condos – unless you only need a place for a year, have little stuff and don’t mind paying to move it often, let alone go through all the other hassles of moving, changing your address, utilities, etc., you run the risk of being forced to move in the not so distant future when the owner tries to sell it again, and also expects you to make it available for open houses and showings, etc. I always look for something I can rent longer term, as I hate being forced to move.

    Which happened in the last condo I rented, despite my best efforts – the owner decided to sell suddenly, lied and said he was moving back in (I knew he was not, as he was trying to sell the place to my neighbors in the building while claiming he was planning to move back in – but I couldn’t prove it until after it happened.) He wanted to offer it empty of a tenant, so he broke the law. He tried to sell very briefly for a price over the market, so of course it didn’t sell, so he rented it out again. So I was displaced, had to spend a lot of money and hassle to move – when he could have just tried to sell it tenanted – I would have kept it looking lovely for a break on my rent to facilitate sale, because I knew I could legally have to move if he did manage to sell it – but he was too stupid and cheap to do that – his loss. It looked much better with my nice furniture and rugs in there, and looked much smaller than it actually was when empty, as many places do – it didn’t seem attractive to buyers empty – it was lovely when nicely furnished.

    Renting a condo an owner is itching to sell is great if you want to exercise your TOPA rights to buy it when the owner again tried to sell (assuming they comply with the law and give you the chance, rather than lie and say they are moving in themselves as a ruse to get you to move out.) But if you don’t, it just is a pain in the ass – if you want to stay more than a year, you are better to look for a condo that truly is an long term investment property in your landlord’s mind, though even that isn’t foolproof, as they can always change their mind and decide to sell.

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