Missing Cat from 8th and T St, NW – UPDATE: Found!


“Dear PoPville,

My cat got out of the house yesterday afternoon. He is about 13 years old. His name is Figero. He has never been outside over night and we are very worried. We live on T street around 8th. If anyone sees him could you please contact me. I can be reached at 202-834-1325.”

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  • My never been outside cat got out once a number of years ago and got no farther than the back deck. I had called and called that night and he wouldn’t come out. The next morning I looked out my window and saw he furry posterior and tail disappear under the deck. I rushed out and because I knew he was there, I shook the container that held his food and since it was a sound he was very familiar with he came out. All that is to say unless he got startled while out and bolted, it is likely he isn’t very far.

    • Yes, I usually can find him right away too. This is whey we are worried. I have searched all of his places and walked every block with a food dish. He usually stays within a few houses distance. This time he is nowhere to be found. But we are keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • Sorry for the long comment, but I worked with a group in Florida who is FANTASTIC at reuniting lost pet & owners, and their recommendations for what to do when your cat is lost are great!

        * Start looking and using the Calling Method (outlined below) immediately. The sooner you start looking the better your chance of finding them.

        * What I have found is that with cats they typically are not lost they are just not coming home so I suggest what I refer to as “The Calling Method”. It sounds crazy but it really, really works! What you’ll need to do is go out at the same time of day as often as possible (especially dawn and dusk when it’s quiet) and call them for about 15 minutes straight. Don’t move around and make sure your voice is calm and not pleading. They are is probably not far from home so check your neighbor’s house/property, under porches, on porches, under sheds and bushes. It’s likely they are close enough to see you. If there are garages close by make sure they did not accidentally get locked inside.

        Place a well-worn article of clothing near where they enter/exit the house as well as the litter from their litter box. They can use the scent to help guide them home.

        Indoor cats typically stick to edges and corners when they escape so follow the lines of your house/apt where they escaped and check under and inside everything along the way.

        * Post fliers to get reports of sightings or if they have decided to just wander up to someone’s house to hang out for a while. Keep the fliers simple, as large as possible and on bright/neon paper. LOST CAT*COLOR*PHONE NUMBER(S). You can get all the supplies you will need from CVS or Walgreen’s (bright paper, extra-large sharpie, plastic covers, packing tape).

        * Put a poster in your yard or on your door (if you are in an apt or condo) with the same info. This will let anyone who might be looking for you, know exactly where they belong. If you are in an apartment or condo notify the manager in case they get a call.

        * Post an ad on Craigslist under COMMUNITY then LOST and FOUND as well as under COMMUNITY then PETS.

        * Check to see if there is an email group, facebook page, or any type of mass notification available.

        * Call any vets in your area in case they were injured and someone found them and took them there.

        * Check with your postal carrier and garbage pick up people, they are very familiar with the area and are a great resource.

        * Take a flier to the Washington Humane Society (BOTH locations)

  • try to leave food inside by the window and the window open enough for him to get back in??(could lead to intruders though)
    had mine get out once and i left it like this during the day while i was at work
    came back to find him having fun in the house

  • Hope he doesn’t drink the water up there….

  • I’m not sure it was your cat, but I saw a cat very briefly with the same coloring close to 14th on R ST at 4 am 12/19 when my dog had a bathroom emergency. Is your cat on the thin side? Does it have a collar?

    • anony-mouse, thank you for checking. The short answer is no and no. The longer answer is that it is definitely not him, as we found him this morning hiding down the street. Thank you everyone for your help and advice. It worked. He is a little cold and hungry but otherwise doing good and happy to be back in the house. Someone is getting a new GPS collar for Christmas this year!

  • I’m so happy you found him! 🙂

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