Mayor Gray’s and Mayor-Elect Bowser’s Statements on the DC United Stadium Vote

Renderings courtesy DC United

From a press release:

“Mayor Vincent C. Gray released the following statement in response to today’s affirmative vote by the Council on the “District of Columbia Soccer Stadium Development Act of 2014” to move forward with a stadium for DC United at Buzzard Point:

“I am pleased the Council voted today to move my soccer stadium proposal forward; however, the funding mechanism the Chairman advanced in a separate bill is clearly unlawful. As the Office of Attorney General has opined, and the Chief Financial Officer has agreed, that bill is void.

“Later this week, I will transmit to the Council for approval a list of reprogrammings – developed with the Mayor-elect and certified by the Chief Financial Officer – that will lawfully finance the stadium and allow construction to move forward.”


“Mayor-Elect Muriel Bowser issued the following statement regarding the unanimous Council approval of the new D.C. soccer stadium deal:

“The future of a brand new soccer stadium took a big step towards becoming a reality today. I am thankful to my Council colleagues for stepping up to support a deal that treats all stakeholders fairly and promotes an open and transparent process for District taxpayers. De-linking the Reeves Center means more community input and a deal that will be made on the District’s terms. I am confident that together with Mayor Gray and Chairman Mendelson, we will be able to finance a facility that will create jobs, spur development, and provide quality housing for more residents for years to come.”

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  • Can we assume that this rendering is nowhere near final? Because I have seen two or three that look nothing like one other. And I wonder if Fort McNair will be whining about having a stadium right next door. They have not been the best of neighbors over the years.

  • Great move had a deal that was very very acceptable – and now you have a much much worse deal..and not to mention a massive delay on instead of it costing us basically nothing (150 million for infrastructure, site prep – which you as the city were always going to spend anyway to redevelop that area) – you now have pissed off the developer – which means ID is probably – and the cost of the land will skyrocket – as will lawyer fees and time spent waiting for the decision. So – no I guess DC United will be playing in RFK for the next five years – not two. Also the Reeves center will now take a decade to be redeveloped and again involve litigation. So 10 years of missed taxes from a some of the city richest. And do you honestly think the difference between the auction and what we were selling it for is going to be substantially more? enough that this is the best course of action? And..RFK redevelopment will now take an additional 5-10 years…so great move totally got a worse deal.

    • I agree with this completely. The Council really bungled this entire process. Seems like the city could’ve simply asked for slightly more money for Reeves from the developer and everything would have continued as planned. Idiots.

    • Thanks Bowser! The Reeves center will remain an essentially blighted property in an otherwise nice neighborhood for another ten years, and to accomplish that feat you stole the money to fund the streetcar that was to go through YOUR OWN WARD! Looks like it’s going to be a long four years.

      • Accountering

        This is very spot on. They are trying to figure out where the 60+ million comes from. How about you sell the Reeves center at least. Is it time to start trotting out the “I didn’t vote for her” yet?

    • Accountering

      Agreed. This is very stupid. We lose the redevelopment of the Reeves Center. Lose a ton of extra money and time to acquire the properties. Thanks a lot Bowser!

  • Who is the Chairman referred to? Is that Bowser? Is she the one responsible for ticking off the developer and blowing up the deal?

  • I don’t care about the soccer stadium but I was excited to get rid of the Reeves Center, which is a hideous, gigantic blight in a destination area of the city. What a colossally stupid move by DC’s always-terrible council. The Reeves Center should be renamed the Bowser Building of Stupidity and Incompetence (maybe with a mural?).

  • Really want to see this built. Still don’t understand why Council chose for the Reeves Center to be their thing to complain most about. Reeves Center needs to be torn down regardless.

  • Seems to me that Bowser either wanted to put a ‘personal touch’ on the deal by making a major change to it or is trying to kill it all together. Regardless of the Reeves evaluation being a little low, the city was getting exactly what they wanted from a private citizen and in turn, wouldn’t have to take on a huge redevelopment project in a very busy part of the city. Great start for the new Mayor…

  • Wow, I feel exactly the opposite as most of you. The last deal was terrible, this deal is somewhat better, though still not great. Trading away the Reeves Center instead of selling it was a giveway to Akridge, andthe sales tax abatement was a giveaway to DCU. I’m happy to see Mendelson and Bowser changing it.

    • Exactly! I don’t see any of these complainers volunteering to trade their property for less than it’s worth, just to get a stadium built more quickly.

    • The cost of the land that DC will recoup just decreased – either because it will not get as much at an open auction or because the cost of eminent domain litigation just went way way up.

      Tax abatements we can argue about all day, but if you think DCU shouldn’t get one, I hope you are consistent for every business in the city. But The Nats get them, The Caps and Wizards get them, so should DCU.

  • Please build DC United a stadium. Please don’t muck that up. Sell the freaking Reeves center and let someone redevelop it.

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