Mayor-Elect Bowser’s Letter To Petworth Addressing Recent Surge In Violence

From the Forum:

“Dear Petworth,

The violence of the last few days is unacceptable – no resident should expect to live in fear in Washington, DC.

I am monitoring the situation closely and am in constant contact with Chief Lanier and Commander Manlapaz, who oversee the 4th District.

This evening, the Chief concluded the evening and committed to roll call in Ward 4, and additional foot patrols in the Ward– with a focus on well-known hot spots. Additional resources have been deployed since Christmas Eve and there are more to come.

Tonight, I will tour the Ward with the Commander to ensure deployment of resources.
On Monday, the Chief and her team will provide a full briefing to me from the MPD headquarters, where I will review their immediate action plan to stop violence before it starts.

As always, please be mindful of your surroundings and if you see something, say something.


Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser
(202) 491-4842”

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  • i’ll believe it when i see it.

  • I like how you corrected the spelling of the 4D Commander’s name. I thought the fact that she had it as “Manlopes” in the version posted on the Petworth list revealed a lot about her level of engagement in the situation.

  • Pablo Raw

    I was just walking near the new Safeway after the unofficial happy hour; I heard some young men screaming and then the sound of like someone throwing a glass bottle. Police was across the street and they mobilized quickly. At least 4 police vehicles in less than a minute.

    • I was inside Safeway when this went down and was the one who called the cops. I thought they showed up pretty quick given their reputation…I was also surprised I didn’t get put on hold when I called.

      But seriously, who starts a fight inside of Safeway?

    • binpetworth

      Pablo, I read about this on the 4D police listserv and hoped you and the others weren’t in the area. Next unofficial happy hour we’ll plan on someplace that isn’t so shooty!

  • Make sure to check out the open air drug market that runs between 5th and Jefferson to 9th and Jefferson. The dime bags, Heineken bottles and ammo casings are beautiful this time of year. Have been asking for help addressing this problem area for over a year

  • Huge police presence along the Georgia Ave corridor tonight. But that is just tonight. We will see how engaged she is next week. Also, most of the shootings have occurred in Brightwood Park.

    • Actually, no, it’s been a combination of Petworth, Brightwood Park and even 16th St Heights. Distancing oneself from violence is a common defensive response–it makes you feel safer, like it wouldn’t actually affect you–but this isn’t concentrated, it’s happening all over the neighborhood.

  • “Rumors that local newspapers may report on Ward 4 violence I ignored for weeks are unrelated to the timing of my statement.”

  • I think we need to give Bowser a chance. Granted, she is about three weeks to late, but let’s hear her plan before we start bashing. I hope it’s comprehensive and focused on both increased manpower and making arrests. Need these criminals behind bars or at least getting the treatment they need.

  • She doesn’t do a damn thing unless and until there is an outcry on a listserv and news cameras are in tow. In the weeks since she was elected mayor, I’ve not seen or heard of any type of interim structure for delivery of constituent services, until the election of her successor. Brandon Todd from her staff announced his candidacy, which she has endorsed. Perhaps this is an ideal time for him to become more visible and show us why we should consider casting votes for him.

    • saf

      Ah yes, because he will be SOOOOOO different than her.

      • I have never found him to be helpful, so no, I don’t expect him to be any different than Bowser. However, he is the one who declared his candidacy with a WaPo write-up, Bowser’s endorsement as an outstanding constituent services manager, and he raised $50K in campaign donations within 2 days, according to the City Paper. Bowser officially vacates the Ward 4 seat this week, and can we be assured that she will have a committed focus on this crisis in Petworth? If Todd is the heir-apparent to the Ward 4 council seat, he is missing an opportunity to step up and distinguish himself from what will be a crowded field of contenders who we will all see too much of in the months leading up to the special election.

  • Right on, finally! But I can hear the old Gs chuckling, saying “what’s little old Muriel think she’s gonna do to stop us and our crew!” Sadly, This may not be a one weekend remedy…..

  • Shots tonight at Safeway in the alley, viewed from my balcony. What is going on!! So much violence here in the last few months!!!!

  • So much for stopping it before it starts…shots tonight seen in the alley at Safeway..watched a guy run, 9 police cars here and 2 thrown into the back of a squad car. Just another Saturday night in the hood.

  • Did anyone else hear what sounded like 6 or 7 gunshots in rapid succession this morning around 4 am near Ogden and Center in Columbia Heights? It woke me up. I called the cops, but later realized that I was not 100% certain it was gun fire – although it didn’t sound like fireworks either and I don’t know what else it could’ve been. I figured with the surge in violence, I shouldn’t take any chances. The cops came quickly and were searching the area with flashlights. I think a neighbor came out to speak with them. I haven’t heard anything since. Does anyone here have any additional information?

  • I was at the “crime walk”. MPD had more cops there than I’ve ever seen – probably trying to show Bowser they are there. Honestly though, they are never there in that heavy of appearance – let alone out of their cars. Bowser seemed genuinely concerned about the residents, she was also VERY concerned about the TV and newspaper crews. I’m trying not to be a cynic and really hope something happens, but I’ve seen this before. Lip service, press statement, but then no plan. Or if a plan, no follow through. It’s up to all of us in the community to keep pressuring MPD, Bowser, whoever our new council member is as well as your ANC Rep. And if you see something (anything!) suspicious call 911! #uptick

  • gotryit

    Well that inspires confidence. I’m going to invest in stocks in management speak.
    Hopefully someone at MPD is more competent.

  • I’m calling it now: she’s a one termer.

  • fenty did stuff but whiffed on the soft part of the job with community appearances, making folks feel involved (the packaging). I think gray did both the substance and the packaging well (campaign criminality aside). bowser has always been packaging over substance. too bad and it’ll be exposed pretty quick beyond those of us in ward 4 who have known for a while.

    the brightwood park / north petworth shootings are disturbing. this seems to be too sloppy and burning too hot not to get shutdown soon. it seems like it has to be a smallish group acting out of their minds instead of a bigger trend of more folks acting violently, but that’s just speculating.

  • “More shots tonight. Varnum is taped off from 7th to 8th street. Lots of police at the moment. MPD going door to door. ”

    “Just spoke with an officer on-scene at Varnum. No one was injured. Car was damaged by gunfire.
    Police are looking for a burgundy Ford Explorer and possibly a young African-American male in a black t-shirt. Explorer may have raced up 7th and away. ”
    – quoted off the [email protected] 12/27/2014 11:50pm

    I heard 5 shots last night near Illinois & Taylor (hard to tell, given echo) around 9ish then at 2am had a dozen officers on foot rooting around the alley. 5-6 got into our backyard and were focusing flashlights on our neighbor’s yard. Then saw K-9 patrolling shortly after. No idea what it was in relation to.

  • Regal of Randolph

    I recently started following DC Police Department on twitter and was shocked at just how much crime is really happening in the city and in particular NW/Petworth. No sooner than this realization came last night as my wife and I headed back home when we noticed a particularly awesome light display on a house off of grant circle. We passed, laughed, and enjoyed the ride then POP POP, POP POP POP POP! A dark Buick SUV speed in front of us as a shadowy figure two blocks down fired shot it it’s and our direction. We call the police report it. Then comes the biggest shocker. The report was no where to be found on twitter. Just imagine how much crime is happening that goes unreported.

    • Mostly MPD twitter is community alerts, ie suspect on the run with a description, so if the suspect is caught, or unknown, or no one calls in the crime, then no tweet. When you think about it, that”s a fairly small fraction of total crime.

  • We heard gunshots coming from the alley (we live on Upshur) around 9:30ish (12/27) and when I went to walk the dog around 11:30 the 700 block of Varnum was completely blocked off with crime tape every 30 feet or so…the cops (there were lots of them) were mum as usual, just saying “there was a shooting”…

  • Disagree. Most of Petworth is beautiful and getting more so, especially compared to a lot of other DC neighborhoods in the same price range. Nice houses, good green space, good location, growing businesses. But the idiots behind these recent troubles can’t be stopped fast enough for my liking.

  • People, if you want to make the situation better you need to generate attention/ political pressure. That means you write the council, the Mayor, and most important–the media. A couple of Washington Post articles to the tune of “DC gov. fails to adequately address Petworth violence” would do wonders. More police, more funding, and the crucial political backing the police need in order to be more effective. That is how this town works… But until that happens we are just venting on a blog. So get to work.

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