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  • That compressor is very close to the front of the house. I assume they did that for a reason because normally when people put them up they don’t want it so visible from the front. I suppose if the neighbors pop-up then it won’t be as visible.

    As for the pop-up, I have seen better and I have seen worse. The best I can say is uninspired and not a gratuitous slap in the face.

    • epric002

      +1 i was “meh” about it until i noticed the AC unit. why would you make that visible???

    • That color scheme is a slap in the face. When will people learn that rowhouses look best with a little continuity to them?
      The grey/black one shown here a week or two ago, at NH/Sherman/Monroe, is godawful. It sits in a row of yellow/beige brick houses, not one of which has been painted.

  • Points for no vinyl, but that’s all the praise I can muster.

  • We looked at this one during our house search as well. The outside, in my opinion, is actually done really nicely (it’s not as obvious when you’re walking past it on the street that it is a pop-up, it flows decently with the rest of the block). Unfortunately, the inside is SO narrow that it is basically not livable. Two of the “bedrooms” couldn’t fit anything larger than a twin-sized bed. And, of course, a 4-story house comes with a lot of stairs.

    • No way this house flows decently with the rest of the block. Too bad that you didn’t walk to the corner of F & 13th and look at it, or look at it from across the street. This house is just very ugly.

  • Would it have really been so cost prohibitive to match the moldings from the lower floors?

  • Points for making an effort to match the rest of the house, but the pop-up still messes up the roof line and the window is awkwardly spaced top-to-bottom (maybe they gave the pop-up a ridiculously high ceiling?). I don’t understand why the heat pump (?) is mounted where it is; it’s unsightly.

  • Exterior looks good to me!

    That AC unit in that location is annoying, tho.

  • Hideous. Really no concern whatsoever for esthetics. The only thing nice about it is the original structure. Hope they lose money on it.

  • Looks like they have ruined what could have been a beautiful restored victorian row home. True, its not as bad as some of these horrid creations the developers are throwing up, but it still chips away at the charming continuity of the block.

  • I’m with Roybar.

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