Jose Andrés, “I have long respected Donald Trump for his business acumen and am proud to partner with him to create a truly remarkable, fine dining restaurant in the city”

12th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW

From a press release:

“The Trump Organization and José Andrés’ ThinkFoodGroup announced today that the renowned culinary innovator will open a signature restaurant in the forthcoming Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C., one of the newest additions to the rapidly growing Trump Hotel Collection. The to-be-named José Andrés restaurant will debut when the hotel opens in mid-2016 after a $200 million redevelopment of the historic Old Post Office by The Trump Organization.

“Everything about Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C. – from its magnificent guest rooms and Presidential Suites, to the ballroom and spa – will be the very best, and the culinary experience is no exception,” said Donald J. Trump. “We’ve tapped one of the very best in the field, José Andrés, to create a restaurant concept that will live up to the unrivaled offerings of what will be one of the finest hotels anywhere in the world.”

Added Andrés, “I have long respected Donald Trump for his business acumen and am proud to partner with him to create a truly remarkable, fine dining restaurant in the city I have called home for many years, right in the heart of the historic Post Office.”

ThinkFoodGroup will lease and operate the flagship restaurant, prominently located off the hotel lobby in the building’s dramatic cortile, in addition to creating the food & beverage menu for the lobby bar and a signature banquet menu. Trump Hotel Collection will reinstate the 11th Street entrance on Pennsylvania Avenue, which will serve as the driveway to the hotel’s canopied grand entrance. The restaurant by José Andrés will be easily accessible from the property’s main level from the hotel’s grand entrance, Pennsylvania Avenue, and 12th Street.

“José Andrés is a true culinary genius and, of course, a local favorite, so we are thrilled to announce that he will create the flagship restaurant for the Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C.,” said Donald Trump Jr, Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for The Trump Organization.

Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C. will feature 270 richly furnished guestrooms with lofty 16-foot ceilings, soaring windows, beautifully restored historic millwork, and glittering crystal sconces and chandeliers as well as a 5,000 square-foot super luxury spa and state-of-the-art fitness center. It will also offer 36,000 square feet of meeting and event space, including the opulent 13,000-square-foot Grand Ballroom, the largest among D.C.’s luxury hotels.”

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  • Business acumen? How many times has Trump filed for bankruptcy?

  • “..and please try our signature dish, angel hair pasta artfully placed atop a thousand-year egg.”

  • Small plates. Big hair.

  • I don’t recall the last time I saw “respect” and “Trump” in the same sentence.

  • ledroittiger

    This makes me respect Trump a little more and Andres a little less.

  • Obviously they have to make these kinds of statements about each other if they’re entering into a partnership. Also, I dislike Trump’s personality very much, but he has obviously been a successful business man. Saying that some of his businesses having to file for bankruptcy means he isn’t successful is stupid.

    • Why is it stupid? How would you define a successful business then?

      • The assertion is that he’s a successful businessman, not that all his businesses are successful. They’re not the same thing.

        • bankruptcy in the real estate business is different than bankruptcy in other operating businesses, generally. it’s like foreclosure. the assets and debt in real estate are fundamentally different than the assets and debt of, say, a physician practice because they’re subject to market forces beyond their control that directly affect their value.

        • Is wealth the primary measure of success here?

          I’m not saying Trump hasn’t had many successes and you might even say that those successes are the best indicators of him having good “business acumen,” as Andres put it. However, he does have a track record of filing for bankruptcy, leaving others holding the bag, which would cause many to question how successful his ventures and partnerships have been. I don’t think it’s stupid to raise this question.

          And of course bankruptcy in real estate is different than other areas (though I would argue that you could make this case for almost any industry) but that doesn’t mean having filed for bankruptcy is negligible. I mean, he’s filed for bankruptcy 4 times!

          • I can think of a couple ways to measure success in the business world but how nice you are to people isn’t one of them. But also, 4 bankruptcies? That’s it? Isn’t that sort of like saying that Michael Jordan wasn’t a great basketball player because of all the shots he missed in his career?
            (Mind you I have no love for Trump. But he’s rich as **** and you don’t usually end up that way by being an unsuccessful businessman.)

        • The guy inherited everything. He was born already on the way to home plate, but likes to proclaim he personally hit a Grand Slam. He’s the ultimate blowhard.
          BTW, I thought Trump is totally out of the development game at this point? Last I heard he licenses the Trump© brand to all these developments and he gets a piece of the action/royalties. His company doesn’t actually do any of the developing or even own the property. He’s basically just licensing intellectual property.

          • Out of development? That is not the case with the Old Post Office – it’s the Trump Company that is running the renovation. (Unless you count daughter Ivanka Trump as ‘licensing it out”.)

            As for inheriting, yes his family had money (like the DC Cafritzes) but he spun that into far far more than his father ever had, in terms of both finances and fame.

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