Is a Latin ‘Eataly’ Coming to Union Market from Chef Jose Garces?

Well this could be awesome. We’ve spoken a lot about a possible Eataly – but a huge Latin Market from Chef Jose Garces (Rural Society) sounds equally promising. From Washington Business Journal:

“Union Market developer Edens has a signed lease for a 20,000-square-foot Latin market, according to a letter submitted to the D.C. Zoning Commission last month. We’re hearing the market will be a new concept from Philadelphia-based chef Jose Garces that will offer a range of Latin groceries and prepared foods.”

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  • I like this

  • As a big fan of Jose Garcia, this could be something to look forward to. Love his restaurants in Philly, especially Amada.

  • This I could be down with — if it is NOT like Eataly. I do not understand why folks seem so psyched to get one here. It’s a giant, overpacked tourist trap selling $5 boxes of Barilla.

  • tonyr

    At last, a place where I can stock up on larks’ tongues and roasted flamingo.

  • This could be amazing. DC has an embarrassing lack of international food markets – at any price point.

  • I will continue to hold out for H Mart. Oh H Mart, hear my pleas.

  • DC, or more accurately suburban DC, has lots of international food marts. I go out to the Megamart in Riverdale about once a month to stock up on tortillas, tamales, pupusas, etc. I have a feeling the new market will be a lot pricier than it’s suburban cousins, but will be a nice option for carless DC folk and probably offer a lot more premium fare.

    • Yeah, those suburban options are fairly useless for many of us carless DC folks. These markets are rarely metro accessible, unless you want to take two trains, and a bus, for a total of 90 minutes each way. With that expense, and the time it would take, it rarely makes it worth the hassle. People with cars who live in the suburbs often fail to understand how difficult it is for those of us without cars in the city to explore the suburbs. So, any options in the city are always hugely appreciated.

        • No way. It’s a hassle, and it’s wasteful (both in terms of money if you pay for car share or gas/parking for your own car, and in the environmental sense) to drive 60 min or more round trip for kimchi. I would patronize an H Mart, a Latin market, or a good Indian market several times a month if they were in D.C. But I have better things to do than drive around in VA and MD. If Garces is really smart he’ll open a kind of pan-international foods store. Given that the area’s already a food-lover’s destination and it’s very close to the Metro, the place would be extremely successful.

  • I’d like to see Executive Chef Lorena Garcia bring her own brand-of-south of the border cuisine to Union Station. Viva Taco Bell!

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