If the Shootings Don’t Have you Depressed Enough – Christmas Tree Thief


“Dear PoPville,

A neighbor at the the corner of 10th and Quincy, NW had a decorated Christmas tree in front of their house stolen. In response they have posted this sign with a picture of the Grinch saying “Wanted for Christmas tree theft. If spotted, please call Santa.”

Ugh. At least they have a good sense of humor about it!

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  • As the owner of said Christmas tree, I just wanted to write to thank PoP and the poster for commiserating about the theft and also for appreciating that I want to keep the whole thing light-hearted. I have lived in this city long enough that I was pretty sure the tree would be stolen/vandalized when I put it up, and was delighted that it lasted almost a week. I hope it made people happy to see it while it lasted. I also hope people can continue to get joy from my little homage to the great Dr. Seuss; even though the Grinch is a mean one, he always makes me smile. Merry Christmas to Popville!!

    • nightborn

      Sorry the tree was stolen! What a lovely gesture! 🙁

    • While it sucks to have something stolen, at least you’re being lighthearted about the theft.
      At this point, all you can do is hope that the tree is bringing joy to a child who otherwise would not have a tree in their living room this Christmas (despite the crappy circumstances in which it was acquired)

    • Well your sign brought a huge smile to my face, have a merry Christmas!

    • Good sense of humor. Sad that you expect it to be stolen or vandalized

    • PDleftMtP

      I don’t think you can sell a hot Christmas tree, so perhaps it was taken by someone who wouldn’t have had one otherwise and thought you wouldn’t miss the second.

      Of course, that doesn’t make it ok, and it may well not be true, but I would choose the better story. Merry Christmas.

  • What a great attitude! Happy Holidays Cindy-Lou Who!

  • The kids are taking anything not screwed down lately. I could hardly believe it but they stole my leaf rake! Grinchlets in training…..

  • So sorry about your tree. There has been a huge uptick of crime along Quincy lately! I hope you filed a police report so it at least goes into the system. The cops have yet to identify the perpetrators of any of the crime along this stretch. So frustrating.

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