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  • But the windows on the right side…the windows…why? why?

    • Hehe, from what I can tell, it looks like the buildings were originally built this way. Sorry, no clue as to why.

  • Yes, differences in sides is totally odd.

    On a completely different note, I always wonder why the owners of such homes don’t agree on a unified painting scheme – seems like they would have homes with much nicer looking exteriors if they did.

  • The houses on the 400 block of U Street NW, both detached and semi-detached, were all built around 1876 and designed by architect James H. McGill. I believe they were all built speculatively by/for the subdivision’s proprietor, Amzi L. Barber and perhaps his in-laws, the Langdons. I think of them as the second wave of development in LeDroit Park, the first having begun in 1873 and mostly stretching along 3rd Street NW. Those were all detached and situated on larger lots. Few of those remain but one can check out 1922 3rd Street, which was occupied by the proprietor’s extended family and MAY have been the first house built in that gated, all-white community.

    As for the windows, I guess McGill was looking to mix it up, and it is easy to imagine that the area next to the front door might be best served by a smaller window. There is an interesting mix of symmetry and asymmetry in the semi-detached houses on the block, although some of the details have been lost or altered over time and my inexpert eye can be fooled.

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