Glover Park Hardware Closing Jan. 15th after 10 Years – Hopes to find new Location

2251 Wisconsin Ave NW via Glover Park Hardware’s Facebook page

From a press release:

“After 10 years at its current location, neighborhood staple Glover Park Hardware is closing its doors on Wisconsin Avenue. The store’s official last day of business at its current location is scheduled for January 15, 2015.

Glover Park Hardware opened in 2005, the second of nine Ace Hardware stores opened in DC and Baltimore by A Few Cool Hardware Stores’ owners Gina Schaefer and Marc Friedman. The owners decided to relocate the store when they were unable to renegotiate the lease, which expires at the end of the year. “We have really enjoyed our spot in Glover Park but it’s time for us to move. We love our Glover Park Community and are committed to reopening in this neighborhood,” says Schaefer.

The company is actively looking for a new location for Glover Park Hardware and hopes to find a storefront where they can expand to meet the needs of their customers. Updates regarding the store’s move will be posted on their website at, and will also be sent out periodically via email and social media. To stay informed on the store’s move and relocation, please contact us via email at [email protected]

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  • I wish them luck. It is nearly impossible for a hardware store to make any money in a city like DC.

    • Hardware stores can make it in DC as long as greedy landlords don’t jack up the rent and price them out of the neighborhood!

  • Ugh, I hope they relocate soon. Anytime I have ever step foot in this store, which is quite often now as I try to give them my business, I have always been greeted with a smile and provided the highest quality of service.

    • Agreed – they always have excellent customer service, in stark contrast to places like Home Depot or Lowes. I hope they find a new neighborhood location!

  • This is a bummer. They had by far the most helpful staff out of any Ace in the city. Hope they can retain them. That being said the store’s definitely in need of a better space. Tight aisles, crowded sidewalk.

  • From opening, staff has been terrific: polite, informed, willing to ask other staff to answer questions, –but most importantly —what does it say in front of their store: GLOVER PARK !!!!! Not shying away from neighborhood as a brand. Not pretending they are in “upper Georgetown.”

    • Though for selfish reasons, I wouldn’t mind if they took over the empty Marvelous Market space further down WI.

    • What a great point, Marty. Never thought of that. They are down-to-earth and, unlike their neighbor Whole Foods who claims to be in Georgetown, they don’t. I am a Georgetowner but loved to take my dog on a long walk up to Glover Park to this hardware store. I remember how excited I was when they opened. I have been there a million times over the last decade. This closing hits my heart hard. The staff is awesome and friendly; the selection unique.

  • This is sad to hear. A hardware store — and one that is walkable, well-stocked, and has great customer service like this one! — is such an important everyday staple in the neighborhood retail landscape! I hope they find a great spot in the GP strip soon!

    • I know, I was recently in GP and my friend and I commented on how it’s a rare self-contained neighborhood (grocery store, drug store, bars restaurants of a variety of levels, gym if you’re into that sort of thing, strip club if you’re into that sort of thing) and that the hardware store was what sealed the deal on that. Without the hardware store it’s still better than many neighborhoods, but that is a real loss.

  • When I saw drawings for the new apt building I thought the lack of a hardware store was an oversight. Would be a huge loss to lose this in the hood.

  • If you can’t find a spot in GP (or in addition to Glover Park) PLEASE come to Southwest! There are some vacant storefronts right near the metro and Safeway–you would be right near DCRA, so tons of contractors and DIY-ers come near there all the time. There are parking garages underground. Vornado is the leasing agent.

    I think it would have to be the right mix of items–geared towards apartments rather than homes, with a good deal of rental items (no one needs a cordless drill, table saw, or shopvac full time, but when you need one you want one!) and special orders, plus maybe bike stuff like the hardware store near the Trader Joe’s in Foggy Bottom. There are literally thousands of apartments being constructed in SW and nearby in SE, and the nearest hardware stores aren’t very close (Frager’s and the 5th and K store are each about 2 miles away).

  • Oh man that’s so sad. The staff here are always so friendly and helpful. It’s a big loss to the GP neighborhood. I hope they are able to find another space.

  • You are going to be missed! You are not only my favorite store in DC but you’re my dog Colbie’s favorite store (you and Unleashed). She will continue to pull me to your door, was shuttered. She loved to jump up and get a dog treat. You have been so kind to area dogs. Both by allowing them in the store and by allowing animal rescue groups like Washington Animal Rescue League to showcase homeless animals. You have given the community a true and unique hardware store. It is more than a hardware store. Unique items are found all the time. Thanks for the memories. You and your staff rock! Going in there has been like going to Cheers. Everyone is friendly.

  • Is the mirror and glass store down the street closing? That is large!

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