GDoN? “historic Cairo of old world elegance” edition

DC8510265 - Exterior (Front)

This unit is located at 1615 Q Street, Northwest. The Listing says:

“Spacious two bedroom unit in the historic Cairo of old world elegance . Amazing DuPont Circle location near Metro, shopping, dining, galleries and pet friendly building. Great layout on quiet side of building. High ceilings. ornamental fireplace and exposed brick walls. The roof deck is the best place to be for 4th of July fireworks.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $440,000 ($623 monthly fee.)

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  • Did a frat boy stage this apartment??

  • You shouldn’t be a realtor in DC if you don’t know that the p is lower case in DuPont. Pet peeve!

  • To be fair, phone auto-correct tends to change Dupont to DuPont. I am looking forward to the 2am open house, though.

  • Quiet side of the building means you face a brick wall.

  • “Spacious” seems like a misnomer, but I think the price fairly reflects its size.

  • I Dont Get It

    You can almost smell the Axe in that unit!

  • The outside is old world and the lobby is nice but there is nothing old world about that unit. 1980’s redo. Spacious is not the word I would use but it isn’t a closet either.

    I guess the price is close.

  • Staging isn’t great, but the location and building are fantastic. You get a lot of the prestige of the building and neighborhood without having to pay 600k for the same thing in a crappily done “loft” right on 14th. Being 2 blocks away from that madness with access to it sounds good to me. I love this neighborhood, I’m just depressed it’s out of my price range.

  • Personally I can’t imagine paying $600+ in condo fees but am curious if anyone knows what those cover? I know it’s not really negotiable and that a lot of buildings charge in that range, but in general it’s a dealbreaker for me.

    • I think the Cairo has 24 hour reception, but not sure what else.

    • Maintenance on a 120-year old building, I guess. It has one, maybe 2, slow elevators; I can’t remember. I love the Cairo but really regret they replaced what must have been the original front door many year ago. It featured beautiful leaded glass, in some kind of round, art deco design. Wish I could picture it better.

  • Small rooms (I have more space in a one bedroom), all of them. Not clear what the storage space is like.

    This was an apartment hotel for many years and the kitchens and a lot of the layouts reflect that. I’ve seen have been microscopic in the smaller one bedrooms. the fee is not out of line for a 2 bedroom in many buildings, but usually those are much bigger units.

  • With a 20% downpayment (about $90K) and including the HOA fee it will cost around $2500. Add in taxes and insurance and the amount is …? Is that a good monthly payment for a 2 bedroom in this area? Curious if there are any major assessments coming up …or does the HOA has a major cash surplus.

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