GDoN? “A 2-BR HOUSE on the Hill in the $400s!?” edition

21 16th Street Northeast

This house is located at 21 16th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“WHAT! A 2-BR HOUSE on the Hill in the $400s!? She’s a BEAUTY!! Don’t pay CONDO FEES – this is a GREAT condo alternative w/ the luxury of a front- & Private Backyard! Freshly renov w/ Stainless Steel appl, new flrs, etc! ! Want more, you say? OK: ROOF will be replaced before closing. 12-yr warranty provided! AND we’ll buy you a 1-yr HOME WARRANTY too! OH SUN 12/7, 1-3PM. Offers due Tue 12/9 2pm.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $435,000.

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  • justinbc

    “WHAT! A 2-BR HOUSE near the Hill in the $400s!?”
    There, I fixed that for you Mr. Agent. Now it’s accurate while still being a hard to find price.

    • More like, “$523 per square foot NEAR THE HILL?!”

      • justinbc

        Yeah, that’s actually quite high when you look at the details. I think I only paid like $375/sqft to actually be in CH. Another funny point:
        “AND we’ll buy you a 1-yr HOME WARRANTY too!”
        These cover pretty much nothing, for anyone unfamiliar with them.

        • How so? A friend had a water/plumbing issue in her house shortly after they moved in and the home warranty covered it.

          • justinbc

            They generally only cover very specific, minor things. Larger issues they won’t ever cover. It makes sense though, considering it usually only costs $400-500 per year.

  • Obviously not quite on the HIll but okay. No real backyard or offstreet parking. No basement. Around 800 square feet… Yeesh. 12 minute walk to metro.

    I’d say fairly priced– but don’t expect me to pop an artery like this ad seems to expect.

  • You can get a similarly sized small 2BR condo in much better parts of the city for a similar price. I guess if you’re desperate for a SFH, then this place fits the bill. Not a great deal for a postage stamp-sized house.

  • 1240 E Street SE was listed last week for $400k and received over 30 offers in 6 days. They’re probably trying to attract buyers that missed out on that one.

    • Meant to say NE.

    • It will be interesting to see what the sale price of that one is. If it had 30 offers, it probably got bid up by a huge amount. I wonder if there’s any rational reason to intentionally lowball the list price by, say 100k. It seems like it would be a huge pain to deal with that many offers and probably wouldn’t change the final sale price by much, if at all.

      • 80% of the 30 offers on that one were cash aka investors! Plus the house is city-owned. Having that many offers definitely drives the settlement price up well over 400k.

    • The realtor said that one needed $200K in renovations/repairs…so not worth it.

  • If that’s not the Hill, then what neighborhood is it?

  • I do not understand the choice of teal appliances (well, teal dishwasher and stove with teal trim). Maybe they were on clearance??
    The fridge looks oddly placed — if it’s going to be against that wall, they should’ve put some cabinets in the adjacent space.
    The light fixtures look cheap.
    Couldn’t they have removed the old security doors from the back yard before snapping photos?? I know those things are supposed to be heavy, but still.

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