GDoN? “2,700 sq. ft. tudor townhome in historic Foxhall Village” edition

4436 Q Street Northwest

This house is located at 4436 Q Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Charming and expanded light filled 2,700 sq. ft. tudor townhome in historic Foxhall Village w/ 3 finished lvls, 3 bdms, 3 full baths, MBR w/BA and walk-in closet: built-ins and breakfast area w/ skylight leading to brick walled deck. Expanded lower level has in-law/au pair suite with rear entrance: parking space in back. Minutes to Georgetown, fine dining and downtown.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $809,000.

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  • I’d totally live here if it weren’t so far away from things.

  • justinbc

    The interior is a bit dated, but I have a serious love affair with Tudor homes. If this had been on the market when we were shopping I absolutely would have put an offer in.

  • palisades

    I love this little neighborhood. I always make sure to go through when I’m running.
    Also, how could they list it without mentioning it’s right behind Jettie’s?!

  • The kitchen and bathrooms need some serious updating but given the sq. footage and location I’d say good deal.

  • A hovel by Foxhall standards but def. a good deal! 4436 Q Street Northwest is in the Key Elementary boundary and feeds to Hardy and Wilson. A bargain in a hard-to-find a bargain area.

  • I’d say this seems like a pretty good deal. We paid almost 200K more for a place a little further west of here that’s not too much bigger [we overpaid 🙁 ] and although this place is a bit smaller and could use some (not essential) updating, it seems like a good price per square foot for a great location. I don’t think it’s “so far away from things” for people who are in the market for a home that accommodates a family in a great school district.

    • This is a very fair point re: family/priorities. I’m guessing that being zoned for Wilson makes the price worth it for those with kids (and a lot of money).

  • Based on the prices for houses and condos I’ve seen around other parts of DC, I’m really surprised this is listed under $1 million.

  • Good deal for the neighborhood. And trust me, the older you get, the less important it is to be close to things.. It’s close enough where you can get home from the center of the city in a cab for under 20bucks. That house will never lose value.

    • But for a lot of people, this IS close to things. Like work – it’s basically across the street from DC’s largest private employer!! I’ll take a nice walk to work and a short, no-traffic drive to a grocery store now and then over a slog of a commute Every Single Day to live within stumbling distance of a bar. I would need that bar after spending so much time commuting.

      • And how does Georgetown compare to all others (Feds included) in terms of DC employment? I don’t see your point about “a slog of a commute” if you live in close-in DC.

  • GREAT DEAL. You’ll want to freshen it up for another $100K-$150K, but you’re still under a million on the edge of an uber-exclusive neighborhood. This should go for closer to $900K. Suprised by initianl location comments, all I can think about is “what a location.”

  • I love it. I’ve had big and small kitchens, and the very best cooking we ever did (spouse quite the gourmet) was in a galley kitchen about half this size. And I am a sucker for black/white bathroom tile.

  • This neighborhood is incredibly cute and walking distance to Georgetown. Love it.

  • cheaper than I expected. But the listing agent is probably counting the basement in the square footage; the tax assessment has less than 2100 sf. The taxes are also pretty steep–over $8k/yr.

  • It’s a good deal for sure. Inventory is extremely low in that area, it’s one of the best regarded elementary schools in the DIstrict. Totally livable, can be updated over time. I’d give it some strong consideration if I were ready to buy now (waiting til next year).

  • I like the area and the house – prefer when they have not messed with kitchens and bathrooms – I like older bathrooms (or at least older style if renovated) – I usually hate most kitchen and bathroom renovations I see in older homes – almost everybody has such bad taste, not just the developers. Would prefer to do my own, in my own time – working slowly to update some things in something like this is easier than buying a wreck that needs renovation immediately. Think it will go for over ask – priced for a bidding war.

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