From the Forum – “Public safety bolo, there’s a maniac on the loose.”

Public safety bolo, there’s a maniac on the loose.:

“My car and myself were victims to a hit and run, in the area of Missouri and Georgia Ave NW. The vehicle was speeding, ran a stoplight, hit my car, and continued speeding onto Georgia in the direction of Takoma Park, MD. Particularly concerning is that it didn’t even slow down after it hit me and very obviously caused damage.

What to look for:
A large boxy black SUV with DC tags, either a Cadillac Escalade or a Chevy Suburban/Tahoe. Driven by a younger AA man with short hair. My car is light blue-grey color, so it should likely have damage including a scuff of paint of that color somewhere on the vehicle (I think on the passenger side).

One of my coworkers said they saw a vehicle/individual matching the description casing houses and cars in her neighborhood nearby, and I saw a similar report from a reader here on Popville.

The accident has already been reported to DC and MD police, however the case is cold without more information. Please contact me if you happen to have experienced something similar and have a tag number!!”

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  • What is this term “bolo?” I’ve only heard of bolo ties, the type favored by elderly men.

  • be on the lookout

  • Be On the Look Out.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Black SUV with young AA man driving is pretty vague and could match any number of unrelated incidents.

  • In that area a traffic camera must have captured this car’s license plate, yes?
    Most likely a stolen vehicle, hence the hit and run.

  • You should not judge the character of a man by the make, model and color of his SUV…

  • I have the misfortune to walk that intersection every day. Yours is not at all an isolated incident. People drive like maniacs and pretend that stoplight doesn’t even exist. If there were some way to get it looked at and fixed up, I would be wholeheartedly on board. So sorry to hear your story, OP. I hate that intersection because I walk my baby there every day and am afraid of him getting killed by one of these idiots.

    • Isn’t there already a camera there? Geesh. You’d think that would be deterrent enough. Sorry you have to feel uncomfortable crossing the street, that’s awful. Perhaps write a letter to your council person about it.

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