From the Forum – Long Shots but – 201 Massachusetts Ave, NW – Misdirected Package and a Fit Bit Found


201 Massachusetts Ave, NW – Misdirected Package:

“Are there any residents or business owners in the 201 Mass Ave NE Building here? My mother in Michigan mailed my 10 year old son’s birthday present to me, but had the wrong street number on Mass Ave – she had 201 Mass Ave listed – but my work address is in the 4000 Mass Ave NW neighborhood.

Just wondering if anyone has seen a package in their mail room or business for me with 201 Mass Ave, Washington, DC 20016 as the address. The package is from Michigan and the sender has the same last name as me (which is listed on the incorrect mailing address).

Thanks for any info if you see it! We hope the post office will return it due to the miss match NE and 20016 ….but you never know.”

Found Fit bit on Massachusetts between 6th and 7th NW:

“I found it around 7pm on Saturday. It’s in a maroon case. Let me know what name is on it and I’ll get it back to you.”

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  • Blithe

    I hope that this is a silly set of questions, BUT while this is an extremely popular blog read by some extremely helpful folks, have you: 1. Determined that the address that your package was sent to actually exists?, 2. Gone to the address to ask about your package and/or leave your contact information so that if your package does turn up! you can be notified? And 3. Attempted to track your package if it was sent priority mail? These steps might be more likely to help you track down your package than hoping that: 1. Someone at the address where your package was sent reads this blog, and happens to read this post, and actually gets the package. And 2. Is then motivated to make an effort to contact you via PoPville. I hope the PO catches it – and your son gets his package.

  • Fitbit has amazing customer service–if you contact them, they’ll track down the owner.

  • Mass Ave poster here. I actually made some phone calls – 201 mass ave has serval condos, several businesses. The business folks I talked to were helpful – but didn’t have the package. I am also trying to get in touch with the property manager for the condos. It Wasn’t sent priority mail.

    You know with all the lost dogs that get found here – thought it couldn’t hurt to ask for some help here.

  • Thanks, mt. pp! After I posted here I did some more googling and I’m expecting a FedEx mailing label from them so i can return it to the company and they can return it to the owner. I got a little bit paranoid that they would just resell it to someone else and feel like kind of a sucker for just trusting them?

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