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Loiterers around 7-11:

“I used to live near the 7-11 on 14th and Rhode Island, and would always see people hanging around outside – just chalked it up to it being a part of 7-11’s nationwide charm. But recently, I’ve noticed, pretty consistently, there are no more loiterers.

Now that I live near the 7-11 at U and 12th, with 2-3 people always asking for money, I’m wondering….how did the 7-11 at 14th and RI get rid of the loitering? Was is it the store? Was it the neighbors? Curious to see if I can implement any similar tactics at the 12th and U st store. Open to ideas. Thanks.”

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  • A couple of those guys in front of the U Street 7-11 live in a row house on 11th Street. I say good morning to them almost daily on 11th, then get hit up for money whenever I walk down U.

  • I live on block across the street from there and frequently visit that 7-11. I share the same observation: the manhandling and loitering got pretty aggressive. After one particularly unpleasant interaction with someone bumming for coins outside the door, I asked the clerk behind the counter why the store didn’t call the police. He basically just shook his head and said it doesn’t do much good unless customers complain to the city about it. So I complained to the city about it. This was a few months ago. I think there was another time where I called 911 because two guys were shouting at each other about whose patch it was to bum coins. They seemed pretty out of it and were blocking the door. That was around the same time I contacted the city. I still occasionally encounter “door-openers”, but they are pretty quiet/polite lately.

    … Then again, maybe its just that the 7-11 put up a “No Loitering” sign outside fairly recently…

    • Firstly, that December 22, 2014 at 2:53 pm post is a different anon than than the first anon at December 22, 2014 at 2:37 pm. Second, I meant to say panhandling. not manhandling. Woops on two counts

  • This is a similar situation that has happened, but it is actually in my front entrance to my townhouse..Lots of hanging out at night and groups of 4 to 5 or more young standing around sometimes smoking but always talking then some nights, no one, no where to be found. I think the increased police presence in the neighborhood (maybe due to the new Muriel Bowser input) can’t really pinpoint the rhyme or reason…One of the great mysteries of DC city life; loitering.

  • I dunno, the 14th/RI one still has people hanging out outside asking for money and holding the door open for people. The frequency at which they’re there always dwindles in the colder months. I actually kind of like them and whenever I don’t see them there, I’m surprised.

  • Maybe the loiterers will move on to the new 7-11 stores opening up next year at Quincy & 14th and Georgia Ave next to the Petworth metro. Oh, joy.

  • pretty sure they moved to the 7-11 near my office on Vermont and L. it’s gotten so bad that I often avoid walking past that 7-11, let alone go inside.

  • Be happy you don’t live by the one on 14th and Columbia…Its where all the drug deals in CH go down.

  • There is a specific guy, “Shorty,” who calls that 7-11 corner his turf. He has a white beard and is… short. He’s mostly friendly, opening the door and asking for change on your way out, but it gets annoying. I once saw him getting arrested for smoking crack in the alley next to 7-11 (I overheard the cops as they were cuffing him) along with another homeless-y man who is older and walks with a cane, but he keeps coming back. I don’t think there is much to be done about the situation unless he’s observed breaking the law.

  • I think they all moved the the one on Mt. Pleasant Street. There is no shortage of them there and most of them a drunk.

  • There is another guy who quite often is very high and appears to have severe mental issues. Mostly he can be found in front of the 7-11, though he loiters up and down U. He is tall and frequently shirtless. I have witnesses him in the middle of two mental breaks and I’m not sure what the police could do. Does anyone know if the city has any appropriate programs or someone to call during his next mental break? It’s quite scary.

  • I share your sentiment. The 7-11 in Columbia Heights has non stop loiterers. The only time they are not there are when the police park right on 14th and Columbia.

  • There are still a lot of folks who hang out at 14 and RI, a block from my home. They are harmless to passers by as far as I can tell. High-end restaurants and bars have taken over nearly every block of NW DC, and as long as no one is getting hurt, I say let the people have their hangout. If people are getting hurt (if there’s violence, etc.) then of course I don’t support it, but otherwise, I think it’s good to remember that one corner may be all they feel they have left in a neighborhood like Logan Circle that used to be full of friends who have long since been priced out and moved away.

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