From the Forum – Have mice. Need recommendations for pest mgmt company in DC

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Have mice. Need recommendations for pest mgmt company in DC:

“A week before Christmas and I see mice (yes, more than one). Can anyone recommend a pest management company that helped them resolve the problem, quickly. Thanks!”

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  • We use Affordable Pest – don’t have their number handy but look them up

  • Consider getting a cat. I’ve lived in DC for 18 years and it has been the only way that I’ve been able to rid mice.

    • albany

      If you don’t want a cat, try getting some fur from a friend who has one. I’m allergic so I couldn’t get one, but fur in and around where they were coming in, combined with some steel wool blocking their paths did the trick at my old apartment.

  • As someone who has spent probably 800=1,000 on pest management, good luck. Those suckers will squeeze through any opening thats the size of a dime. I woudl first recommend you pull out all of your applainces to make sure the hooks ups have been sealed properly. that was a major issue for us. We live a flip job house that was renovated on the cheap. huge openings in the share wall behind the appliances. We had those filled with steal wool and metal plates around the base and sealing completely. It still isnt 100%. Be sure to check as much as possbile around the house. Unforutnately, if you have neighbors with piles of trash and a tons of people living next door that doesn’t help either. Put all food thats in paper bags, boxes into tupperware or glass containers. You have to get rid of whatever source they are looking for. And honestly, the best thing is to get a cat.

    • I would agree–I’ve been mouse free this year and I think it’s because of the kitchen renovation which has closed off everything.

      • Same here. Forget pest control… Spend your money on a handyman to close all holes in your wall, floor, ceiling… Where pipes come in through the wall. Our big issue was huge holes left in the wall behind appliances. Closed those up and the torrent of mice ended.

  • I can vouch for getting a cat. We had a disgusting mouse problem. Couldn’t even keep our kitchen counters from being covered with shit constantly. We adopted a cat from the Humane Society on NY Ave and I kid you not, the problem was solved in a week.

  • We have an indoor/outdoor cat (part of the Humane Society Trap-Neuter-Return program). He is pretty efficient. It used to be a total blood bath in the mornings while he was taking care of the problem but we have been rodent and exterminator free for years now. MY HERO!

  • Ward Pest Control. I hate cats so I can’t vouch for one, but I’ve heard good things.

  • My cat seriously needs some exercise if you’re open to a guest! Everyone else in our 4-unit apartment building has seen a mouse (not sure if same one or not) except us…I think it’s because he spends half the day intently watching under the stove or cabinets. Sometimes he tries to go for something under there but his butt gets stuck…

  • You can borrow my two cats, they’re quite an efficient team. Also good with roaches.

  • I have to say my vote would be to adopt or borrow a friend’s cat. I had some bold bold mice in my house, and nothing was working. I have had my cat for 5 years, she gets like 2 or 3 per year, and then I never even see them otherwise. I’ve heard that female cats are better at this, but who knows. Good luck!

    • Two male cats, and they love nothing more than tag-teaming a mouse. The ones that make it into the house are dispatched immediately. Unfortunately, if they run out of those, they’ll find them outside and bring them in.

  • They’ll only do what you can do yourself. Set traps, look for holes to seal and prepare for war!

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