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Found Wallet:

“I found a wallet that was actually sitting on the hood of my car in Columbia Heights. If it was stolen it unfortunately looks like all the contents except the SmarTrip card were removed. However, I thought someone might want to have their wallet recovered. It’s a leather tri-fold with an engraving”

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  • Blithe

    If the SmarTrip card is registered with WMATA, they’ll have contact information. Contacting them might help reunite the wallet with its owner. It’s nice of you to make the effort to get the wallet back where it belongs!

  • Nice to know there are still honest people out there. I once left my wallet with my cell phone in it while I was on the metro to the airport (which I didn’t realize until I was asked for ID at the security check…). Apparently, someone found it and called the last number I called, which happened to be my brother. He left a message saying that he was turning it in to metro lost and found. Surprisingly, when I went to retrieve it a few days later, it was actually there! I tried calling him, insisting to offer him a reward and he never called back. Honest people restore my faith in humanity.

    • I found a phone and called the last number on the registry, and when I explained that I’d found the phone and was trying to track down the owner, the person who answered kept saying, “This is so weird! You have the same phone number as my friend!”

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