Former Murphy’s Space in Woodley Park to become Bar Civita

2609 24th St, NW

That was fast. On Nov. 21st we learned Murphy’s was closing after almost 30 years in Woodley Park and scuttlebutt was that they could be replaced by some sorta fine Italian dining. Eater DC now reports:

“Liam LaCavita, the chef who used to oversee Liberty Tavern and its sister restaurants, is opening up a place there. The restaurant will serve Modern American food, with an influence from other cultures such as Italian.”

They also say he’s hoping to open in early 2015. Standby for updates.

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  • maxwell smart

    Seriously? If it’s not small-plate “buzzword” it’s “modern American” – how many Clyde’s knock-off’s does one city need??

  • I really, REALLY hope that it has some appeal for neighborhood residents, and is not too high end or tourist oriented.

  • There’s no way Liam LaCavita would open a place with his name on it that could resemble a “Clyde’s knock-off.” This guy is the real deal — a very fine chef who has a record of making high end high/priced items coexist with less expensive high value and family-friendly choices. It’s a good thing, and the community should support his effort from day one.

  • Definetely not a Clydes knockoff, and the neighborhood is my first priority. My place will be a place that I wish I had in my neighborhood! Expect reasonable prices for approachable food with my own twist. I look forward to being a part of the neighborhood!

    • We can’t wait to have you!

    • hooville

      From a neighbor, can’t wait to check it out – and good luck! Excited to see what you have in store.

    • So excited for this!!! Can’t wait for this welcome neighborhood addition! Best of luck!

    • Looking forward to the new place & wish you the best of luck. Am a big Liberty Tavern / Lyon Hall fan.

      Many of us hope you keep the fireplace (even if it gets converted to gas) & the TVs (and hopefully the sports packages Murph’s had).

      Hope you plan to offer a HH too. Went to murph’s all the time for HH. Best HH value in that area has to go to Italian Pizza Kitchen (and they got sports specials). Lebanese T and Gin Joint ok. District Kitch blah.

  • Well, it probably won’t be as good as Medaterra, but then again, maybe they’ll offer $2 chicken wings too. Throw in a $1 fluorescent blue martini, and I have a new favorite WP restaurant!

  • So excited for this potentially great dining option steps from our home. Cheers and welcome to the neighborhood!

  • We can’t wait for the addition to the neighborhood! It will be wonderful!

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