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  • Big moving trucks were there this morning to clear out the space. Wonder where they’re headed, but mostly wondering what will end up in the space.

  • Hear, hear. I agree with some that the quality of the food and service had declined recently, but it wasn’t *that* bad for goodness’ sake. There aren’t a lot of places that can say they’ve been around that long, and the place was a hallmark and cornerstone of the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. RIP Heller’s.

  • Hellers was coasting and generally gross, moldy and terrible service. Of course if WaPo is to be believed it was super amazing another local spot lost to gentrification. Im really tired of this angle from the Post. the place sucked, people stopped going, they stopped making money,. The end.

  • hispanicandproud

    Sad to see it close but I have to admit I never stepped foot in there. This summer I would walk by there everyday and I rarely saw anyone in there. Hopefully a small plates restaurant or another taco hut won’t move in.

  • Back in the good old Mt P days, I used to stumble over to Heller’s for many a hungover breakfast sandwich and coffee. But it’s worth noting that I rarely got actual baked goods there, because the few times I tried they were not terribly fresh, not terribly good, or both. I get that they were trying to cash in on the name and the history, but if you can’t do baked goods on a consistent basis, then naming your restaurant a bakery is a bad move.

  • Good riddance, Heller’s.
    Horrible service, crappy food. Went in there twice during the 4 years I was in Mt P. Both times were disappointing.

  • A Tryst-like shop would clean up in this location, though I imagine the footprint is a little small for what they would be looking for. The neighborhood would eat it up (pun intended).

    • Mike at Flying Fish [down the street] is an amazing baker. I’d love if he would move into this space- that would be spectacular.

      • Compared to Heller’s, Flying Fish is narrower and, with all the laptops aglow, always feels like an office, which is not what I want first thing in the morning. For all its (self-inflicted) problems, Heller’s was spacious and relaxing. To the servers’ credit, I gather they made the best of a bad situation. You’d be glum too.

        On another note, why oh why is it so hard to get decaffeinated coffee anywhere in DC these days?

  • I read all the terrible things about Hellers last week and thought, ‘glad I don’t go there.’ Last week I found out Hellers supplies pastries to my favorite place to grab coffee over in Chevy Chase so I will miss them.

  • Have to admit, the greatest thing that Heller’s had going for it is that it was THERE. As a MtP resident. it was so easy to roll out of bed on a Sunday and go to Heller’s for a donut or a muffin. Are there better bakeries out there? Sure, but I admit I am too lazy to make the trek to Le Caprice in my house slippers…

  • Well, until CVS or some other lame chain store decides to open up there…

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