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  • Sudden conversion?

  • My guess: Someone wanted to have a tree before Christmas but is traveling over Christmas and wanted to get rid of it before they left. Or it could be someone who moved. Or the tree was infested with squirrels.

  • I’d guess someone who had to leave town unexpectedly and wasn’t sure when they’d be back. It wasn’t in front of Mayor Gray’s house, was it?

  • “Kids: If you don’t behave I will get rid of the tree and then Santa won’t come! NOW SHUT UP! No? Ok, here goes the tree. You guys don’t get Christmas this year!”
    Or someone realized the problem with amazing real Christmas trees: pine needles EVERYWHERE and got fed up.

  • I saw one dumped on the 1300 block of R NW last night and I raised my eyebrow too.

    • I’m pretty sure that was our tree!

      We are leaving town before Christmas but wanted to celebrate the season in our home for a few weeks. My significant other has an aversion to fake trees for some reason…but he also needed to get rid of the fire hazard before traveling. Damn Eagle Scouts.

  • My guess is someone who is gone for 2 weeks and doesn’t want to come home to a dead tree.
    Otherwise, the tree probably had an infestation (spiders, mites, etc) that they were unaware of when they bought it. This happens more frequently that you would expect. 😡

    • Holy crap I’m never buying a real tree. That also explains the random black beetle I found in my bathroom Friday – must have come in on my wreath.

    • special_k

      Yup. One year we discovered our beautiful, beautiful tree was infested with little spiders. After a mini freak out, we wrapped it up in a fitted sheet and tossed it. 🙁

      • We found small black beetle/spiders in our tree we bought from WF on P St. After same mini freakout and intense raid spraying tree no more looks like infested. Anyhow we kept the tree but we will be out until Sunday. Should we get rid of our tree too? Help.

  • austindc

    I heard that it was the other way around–the Christmas tree dumped him. I guess it would rather lay in the gutter getting doused in dog urine for two frozen months before getting shredded into mulch than spend another minute in that house.

  • I agree with Dat: “My guess: Someone wanted to have a tree before Christmas but is traveling over Christmas and wanted to get rid of it before they left.”
    I’ve seen some people offering up their trees for this reason on the Craigslist free section, which seems like a nice gesture.

  • notlawd

    Wow! I would love to know where this is. I still need to get a tree!

    • I wouldn’t have taken this, even if my dog hadn’t peed on it, for fear of infestation or another dog having gotten to it first. Also, I don’t want a Christmas tree.

  • My guess: allergies. That happened at my house when I was a baby – my parents bought a tree and I was having trouble breathing to the tree – ornaments and all – went out on the curb.

  • Pablo Raw

    My guess: that’s last year’s Christmas tree.

    • LOL! That takes it to a whole other place, doesn’t it??

      I saw one this morning on 16th Street, I think. Though it was pretty small. Might have been that someone overestimated their ceiling height and had to lop off 18 inches. (Which I would do from the bottom, but to each his own, I guess.) Like in that children’s book, where all the animals, from the bear down to the mouse, get a Christmas tree as the bigger animals cut off and discard the top.

    • This was definitely a new-ish tree, still very green.

  • Christmas Tree.
    For Sale.
    Never used.

  • Another on 1300 block of Taylor Street NW this am. I assumed a cat peed on it, based on my dog’s interest and the otherwise good condition.

  • Two reasons I can think of:

    1. My friend’s tree was infested with spiders. They have a one-year-old, so they threw theirs out immediately.

    2. My dog has started eating the lower branches on the tree. We’ve debated tossing ours early.

  • SFT

    We used to collect the dumped trees and burn them in our (Mt. P) backyard firepit. I miss doing that. I also miss Mt. Pleasant!

  • It was on Argonne Place by the exit from the alley.

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