Eagle Spotted on New Hampshire Ave in Petworth


Whoa, thanks to Amanda for capturing (and sending us) this awesome encounter:

“Driving down New Hampshire in petworth and this beautiful eagle dive bombed into my car trying to collect an injured (dead?) squirrel from the road. It was quite a surprise to realize the giant bird that nearly hit my windshield was an eagle, who then perched on a rooftop for a few minutes looking all majestic before swooping down to collect his supper and flying away. It was quite the show!”


More shots after the jump.




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  • Pablo Raw

    I hate that! I hate that! why aren’t eagles near me when I have my 400mm lens with me?? WHY!!!!

  • Wow! Amanda, thanks for sharing the pics.

  • Great shots! I think she’s just taking some time off after the Colbert Report to see the sights. ‘Murica!

  • be careful with your small dogs

  • I saw one near Meridian Hill Park about two weeks ago!!! Bet it’s the same one. I was completely blow away, it also swooped down a few yards away and circled around for quite some time. I was so bummed that I didn’t have a camera on me. Thanks for these amazing shots!!!

    • I think I saw it too. Was a few weeks ago in Hill East flying over the Eastern High field. I assumed it came from the across Anacostia, where are group of them are nesting.

  • It’s the Wild Kingdom (where’s Marlin Perkins?)!
    Beautiful photos.

  • binpetworth

    These are fabulous shots. I want that eagle to come hang out on my roof. Maybe I can find some dead rats in the alley to entice it.

    • Dead rats are often dead because they have been poisoned and are thus a threat to raptors. Encourage those who are concerned about rat issues in the city to use poison as a last resort. Often there are other steps (such as securing garbage) that can be taken.

      • Agreed that prevention (taking away the food source) is much better than treatment (rat poison), but what are people/the city supposed to do when some neighbors don’t give a f*** about securing their garbage?

      • binpetworth

        In my alley, I would say the dead rats are more a casualty of the feral cat population than poison…thankfully they’ve decreased (the rats, that is) over the past few years, due in part to our neighbors finally replacing their rusty old garbage container.

  • Fantastic Amanda! Really good shots.

    I saw a pair of eagles on the Anacostia in a tree just north of the boathouse a few months ago. And a really cool falcon on the bike path along the Anacostia on Christmas Eve. So great to see majestic birds in the city.

  • I was having such a crummy morning and this made my day. Thank you! 🙂

  • Nice pics, with out a doubt my favorite type of bird.

  • I saw a bald eagle on the off-ramp from the Beltway onto Georgia (I think, but possibly Connecticut) Ave. a couple of years ago. in fact we nearly hit it, as it was in the middle of the road picking at roadkill. It was so big that we assumed it was a turkey vulture at first but as it flew up right in front of our car to perch in a tree near the road we got a great view of it. Who knows, it may have been the same individual as in the above photo. Sad to say, it’s just a matter of time before one of these birds is hit and killed by a car.

  • WOW! Just….WOW! Thanks for sending in the pictures!

  • Best picture of the year. Fantastic! And thanks for sharing!

  • I think we saw this guy yesterday morning! While seated at a table at Ted’s on 14th, we could see a large raptor circling over Matchbox at 14th and T. From inside the restaurant, we could make out a very distinctive silhouette and flashes of white, but it was gone by the time we got out to the street to check it out. So cool!

  • Wow! That’s my house he is perched on. Thanks for the great shots.

  • I was really pleased to witness this. The funny part was that I had intended to bring my good camera with me this morning but couldn’t find the battery charger. Luckily, I had my trusty phone to take these blurry pictures and prove to all doubters that I actually saw an eagle.

  • Wonderful! Thank you! It is grand to be reminded of the wildlife all around us. I’ve seen Bald Eagles in RC park and had a huge Red-tailed hawk swoop my windshield at 11th & Park Rd. There are lots of Cormorants most days at Navy Yard. Look up, look around, be amazed.

  • My plans are to stake out the park with the good camera!

  • The New Hampshire Avenue Eagle…
    That has a ring to it

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