DPW Collecting Christmas Trees between Dec 28 and Jan 10


From @DCGovWeb:

“Christmas tree removal info. Trees collected between Dec 28 and Jan 10”

More from DC.gov:

“Holiday trees and greenery will be collected between December 28 and January 10 and will be composted. Trees and greenery collected after January 10 will be collected with the trash as space permits in the truck. Please remove ornaments, tinsel and other decorations and put the tree(s) and greenery where your trash and recycling are collected.”

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  • Does this include if you live in a big apartment building? just put it out on the sidewalk?

    • saf

      It only includes homes where DPW picks up the trash/recycling.

    • So if we do live in a big apartment building where should we put our trees? I would hate for mine to get trashed but i’m sure that is exactly what my building will do.

  • Everyone puts the trees near the curb, not in alleys where trash bins are normally picked up and where there’s often not extra room for a bunch of trees.

    DC should really pick them up at the curb rather than put out instructions that differ from longstanding, widespread practice.

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