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  • Any story behind it? Assuming it was parked, the cop car looks like it’s about three feet from the curb, pointed in the wrong direction, AND blocking a bus stop.

    • Valid point if they were just grabbing lunch, maybe not if they were responding to a call.

    • There wasn’t a whole bunch activity, really none at all. This was about 9:15a this morning.

      • For all you idiots the cops were responding to a kid that was stabbed in the metro station,know what your talking before you assume, cause when you assume you make your self look like a , finish the rest

    • Isn’t this right outside of the Chinatown substation? Don’t know about any story, but maybe the officer ran in to drop off a report or something similarly mundane?

  • Not a problem, I got you covered.

  • DC tax dollars at work.

  • No problem.


    Don’t know the story behind it, I got off of the Westbound X9, crossed the street and saw this. I asked the cop ‘How does this happen” and he just looked at me with the same befuddled face that I had and just kind of laughed. I was trying to catch the train so I didn’t have time to make further inquiry but I had to stop and get a shot of it as I know Popville would have a field day with this one. Enjoy!
    At least Metrobus doesn’t discriminate.

    • justinbc

      It’s not an easy job (being a police officer), for sure, but doing stuff like this regularly in the public doesn’t help their image at all. It contributes to the “lazy” feeling that many people have about them, even if it’s not really warranted. It just seems like so many of their constant traffic clogging parking jobs could be easily avoided with just a few seconds of thought and adjustment.

      • Except when they are being lazy….which isn’t rare. The call for more “thought and adjustment” is the exact problem of entitlement many officers carry, which does not require nor ask for either of those two things.

      • Perhaps, but the bus driver has plenty of room on the left to maneuver around the police car without sideswiping it.

      • I work in the area and use that metro exit daily. Based on my observations of police activity in the past at that corner, I would assume he was traveling in the opposite direction nearby and swung a U turn to respond to something at the corner? Maybe? Incidents here happen frequently and quickly and perhaps he didn’t have time to park in a legal or logical manner? I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Certainly the bus could have seen him parked there and not gotten so close to the car?

        • Yeah, I never thought about blaming the cop until I read these responses. I was thinking the whole time that this was on the bus driver. Like, how do you hit a damn cop car?

  • This is really offensive. If you used any of the derogatory names for “choose your selected grouping” this comment would be deleted.

  • Nice comment. The funny thing about people like palisades is that they want to talk a bunch of s#(t about cops but won’t hesitate to call one if they have a problem.

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