Demo Begins at 10th and F Street, NW – New Office Building Coming with Retail including American Eagle


Thanks to a reader for sending word that demo has started at this future office building with retail from Douglas Development:

“1000 F Street NW will be a boutique, trophy quality new 11-story office and retail building located near Metro Center in the heart of Washington, DC’s East End/Penn Quarter neighborhood. The development includes ten levels of office space, ground floor retail with two levels of below grade parking. The project incorporates a two-story designated historic structure at the corner of 10th and F Streets, the facades of which will be restored and the interior completely renovated and fuilly integrated with the contemporary building.

Designed by the highly acclaimed architectural firm Shalom Baranes Associates, this building will seeks to achieve a minimum of a LEED Silver rating. The two primary street facades of the building will be clad with high performance curtain walls composed of terra cotta and metal panels with extensive portions of vision glazing accented by horizontal metal sunscreens. The building will feature multiple outdoor terraces and green roofs tops.”


Missed it in January but Washington Business Journal reported that American Eagle Outfitters would be taking 7,000 square feet.

You can see more renderings here.

Rendering via Douglas Development

Updates as construction progresses.

Formerly FroZenYo (among others) June 2014:


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  • I really like the rendering, but I’m concerned that Douglas is doing this as a completely speculative project, meaning they don’t have any potential tenants lined up (at least from what I understand). Isn’t there an overabundance of office real estate at this moment? I don’t have time to look up the vacancy rates, but I seem to recall them risings over the past couple of years.

    • I’m betting you’re wrong. I’m no fan of Douglas, but they’re generally pretty savvy. As I understand it, their M.O. is to buy old, decaying buildings in good or promising locations, and then sit on them until they think the time is ripe. In fact, they’ve often been criticized for sitting on decaying properties for too long. So it would surprise me if this was completely speculative.

    • jim_ed

      Despite the overall softness of the market, high-end, new office space downtown is still in strong demand. So even if this is being built on spec, it’s unlikely it sits empty. If this was being built in Arlington on the other hand….

    • I agree with Mike M. and jim_ed. This would be a pretty ideal place to expand office space in DC. It’s near two major Metro hubs, many great lunch options that range from modest to super high end, and terrific shopping (for after work, of course…). It’s pretty much in the center of the city, too, so it’s pretty easy to get to the hill, client meetings around town, and pretty much anything you would want to do in the city. I think Douglas is making an extremely smart move here (and really wish my office would move into a building like this)!

    • The fact is is new will help, but I’d point out that Arnold & Porter is moving out of their current offices one block over soon and Covington & Burling is moving to City Center soon and vacating yet another neighboring office building.

      There’s still a lot of empty retail space and office space in the immediate area. But clearly still a market for new/efficient/modern space too. So who knows.

    • I too love the location and would absolutely love to work here, but I can only imagine how much rent they would charge. Guess this space would only work for high-end law/lobby firms to afford the rent. There are only so many high-end law/lobby firms to go around?

      • I think the range of companies that would look at this space is much bigger than just law and lobbying firms (although I think the number of those is staggering large and considerable bigger than one might imagine). II think we should add to the list of potential tenants: – all of the Washington offices of every major US and global firm – consulting firms – companies that have Rosslyn or Fairfax headquarters that might want more of a downtown presence. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few other bigs ones, too.

  • Nice rendering, but ouch – feel bad for the officerworkers in the building behind it who are about to go from having a fantastic view to overlooking a 2 foot wide alleyway and a brick wall.

    • Don’t be. It’s Latham & Watkins. Don’t ever feel sorry for them.

    • I used to have an office like this. It sucks. It’s not the views that matter – – it’s the light. Also, you spend all day looking at someone else who is not as entertaining as a silent film.

  • brookland_rez

    No! They’re taking souvenir world!

    • brookland_rez

      Wait a sec, I see their building is going to be incorporated into the new development. Hopefully they can return.

      • There is a newer/nicer souvenir shop on the E street corner of the same block. I’m more concerned about whether Frozenyo will ever move back from Chinatown when this is done. I doubt it, but frozen yogurt is much more important.

        • @lawyah. i am with you. Also i work in the Latham & Watkins building… but do not work for the law firm. I currently face the construction and it will indeed be a sad day when all i see is a wall. BUT ON TO MORE IMPORTANT THINGS. screw american eagle. We must petition to get FroZenYo back.

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