DC Water Distributes Water at 6th and O St, NW during Do Not Drink Advisory

From DC Water:

“During the investigation of potential contamination in a portion of DC Water’s drinking water system, DC Water deployed a mobile water dispensing unit near the impact area in NW Washington, DC. The unit is located on O Street between 6th and 7th Streets NW. Water will be available for customers affected by the Do Not Drink Advisory until further notice. Customers must bring water containers, such as reusable water bottles or other large water receptacles.

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  • Mug of Glop

    And it’s very conveniently positioned … several blocks outside the affected area.

    • LOL +1000000

    • Unless they have a potable water tanker (not sure if they do), it would have to be outside the affected area.

      • Mug of Glop

        Their so-called “Quench Buggy” looks too big to simply be a pump, so my assumption was that it was an actual tank. Photos on Twitter don’t clearly show any hose going into the thing, but one of their tweets mentions they needed to be sure they were outside the affected zone, so it could very well be running off the mains. I suppose I am tentatively rescinding my snark.

  • What’s happening to the restaurants in that area, like Le Diplomate?

    • They’re using Perrier instead.

    • 14th street is outside of the affected area. So should be fine.

    • le Diplomate is outside the zone but i would assume restaurants that remain open would use bottled water for drinking and coking. Probably not alot of bathing going on at dining establishments. That’s the worst part for me – we aren’t supposed to shower while the advisory is on. However, my brother is staying at my place and he showered this morning with no ill effect (yet).

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