“While we won’t meet our goal of opening in 2014…we are exceedingly close to carrying passengers on H Street and Benning Road”


From the Mayor’s office:

“As many know, launching the DC Streetcar system has been a top priority of my administration and of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). Unfortunately, we will not be able to see that goal through to completion as we wind down, but I can tell you that we are exceedingly close to carrying passengers on H Street and Benning Road. We know that DC Streetcar will be a welcomed economic engine that will result in new services and amenities for the community and I am confident the benefits of DC Streetcars will be realized in the very near future.

While we won’t meet our goal of opening in 2014, the good news is that the DC Streetcar system is in the final stages of safety and security certification and will be open for passenger service early in the New Year. We continue to work side by side, day and night, with State Safety Oversight (SSO) in order to ready the system for passengers.

Safety is our top priority and we want our passengers to have the utmost confidence when they enjoy this new premium transit service.

At this time, DDOT has completed all the requisite steps for system testing and certification and has submitted its final Safety and Security Certification Report. The SSO is in the process of reviewing the final documentation and DDOT is addressing the SSO’s final recommendations based on its readiness review. All parties agree that this process will not be a long one to complete.

Once DDOT delivers on all SSO recommendations, the SSO approval to begin passenger service will follow.

Even though the cars are not yet rolling with passengers, I am proud that we’ve moved this important transit project forward after it stood still for years. I am proud of the staff that continues to work tirelessly to open the system for the public to enjoy, and appreciate our partners who have joined us in this certification process.

I look forward to the day very soon when I will be able to jump aboard with other residents who are excited about the DC Streetcar.”

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  • justinbc

    Still no word on the fares or method of payment.

  • Exceedingly? As in overly close to opening?

    • Ehh, they’re using it in the British sense of “very.” (As in “I’m exceedingly disappointed that the streetcar won’t be opening this year.)
      It is a bit odd to use it with “close,” though.

      • Actually, it’s not just a British sense (although I don’t see it used much in American English). Merriam-Webster says:
        Definition of EXCEEDINGLY : to an extreme degree : extremely
        Examples of EXCEEDINGLY
        The weather was exceedingly cold.
        The crime rate is exceedingly high.

  • Hey, it’s 5 years late already, what’s another few months

  • geesh, just get rid of the thing. when it actually works it won’t work. i have a really hard time understanding how this is not inferior to buses without a dedicated lane or pathway. the “it will spur economic development” argument is either so effective that H street boomed in really optimistic anticipation before it was even finished or moot since the investment is there and coming regardless. for georgia avenue, there are many better ways to spend that same amount of money and get better results.

    • Yes, it’s just an expensive, less-versatile articulated bus with outdated overhead wires. Why did we need it? Because Portland and other places without subway systems have them.

    • and everyone who begged for the streetcars and reaped the economic benefits that have resulted from all the hype will be begging for it to be shut down after they see what a mess it creates.

  • Why hasn’t someone been fired over this? While the idea may be sound, the implementation is pure amateur hour. A 2yr old with a set of blocks gives more thought to what they’re going to build compared to these clowns.

    A brief history of incompetence:

    1. oohhh look, shiny street car
    2. S^&$ we need tracks for the car to run on, lets store it in greenbelt for a few years
    3. doah, street cars require power, hmmm
    4. oh crap…forgot the maintenance shed.
    5. Safety testing and protocols? huh, people do those?
    6. weee… its running
    7. (next year) What do you mean the cars are becoming out-dated already? they’re 7 years new?

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