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  • Totally agree. It’s a fantastic showpiece!!

  • Pablo Raw

    The Hirshhorn has a very nice exhibit of videos right now.

  • Beijing did it bigger. Back in 2007.
    Google “Beijing The Place video screen” – 250 meters x 30 meters of LED ceiling video. It’s insane. 😀
    https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=z-aZMElL9N0

  • The video art really is very good. I work near there and pass through often. Too bad about the creepy Singapore-esque security detail. I fear they will ask me if I am chewing gum or engaging in other anti City Center behavior.

  • I went through here on Saturday afternoon and it was completely d.e.a.d. The art display is cool but the development itself feels like it just hasn’t been turned on yet. The shops were completely empty. I went to Tyson’s the previous weekend and it was absolutely mobbed. If they’re not doing business the weekends before Christmas, then when are they doing business? Are the residents worried that they paid such a premium for a development that’s still not coming to life? The retail began opening over a year ago.

    • The place is very reminiscent of the shopping centers you see in newly wealthy developing countries, like China, southeast Asia, and the Middle East. That is, it’s artificial, sterile, and generically “luxury.” It’s just an odd experience and not in sync with American shopping habits.
      If anything, I think the Emirate sovereign wealth fund built the place for their own residents and others like them from Asia (i.e. wealthy foreign students, diplomats, visiting businessmen) in order to take advantage of low US sales taxes and import duties. All the luxury goods sold here are twice as expensive if you tried to buy them in the Middle East or Asia. This place was essentially built for people who are not from the area.

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