Chaplin Restaurant Looking to Add Music in Shaw

1501 9th Street, NW

From a liquor license placard posted to the front of Chaplin at the corner of 9th and P St, NW:

“Applicant requests an Entertainment Endorsement to allow live music and a DJ.

Sunday through Thursday 7 pm – 12 am and Friday & Saturday 7 pm – 1:30 am “

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  • I’m surprised that this place is still open.

    • It was pretty busy when I went after work for happy hour back in October on a random Wednesday . Every table was full. It wasn’t standing room-only, like most of the annoying places on 14th Street.

    • I’ve never seen it dead during typical “going-out” hours

  • last i heard about this place they were going to have to change the name because of the obvious copyright infringement – no?

    • IIRC, they changed it from Chaplin’s to Chaplin. (I don’t understand how that would make a difference.)

  • Mug of Glop

    I actually like this place. They have pretty good drinks, the ramen is acceptable, and the atmosphere’s pretty chill. It’s about 10-15% too expensive, I think, but it’s not bad.

    • I agree on all counts, and was shocked — Shocked — that I didn’t find reasons to make a bunch of snarky comments on it. I was fully ready to find a million reasons to hate it when I went a few weeks ago and it was a totally okay place. But I’m not sure I’d feel the same way if they have live music. It could make it less of a chilled out neighborhoody place, and that was my favorite part of there. But I was wrong before, so who knows.

  • This place is awesome.. and I’m not the only one who thinks so.. was there last night and the first floor filled up completely while we were eating dinner. It was a good crowd for a Sunday night, the happy hour drink specials are a big plus.

  • If “live music” means “live DJ” I would absolutely cut all ties with this restaurant. I am so tired of having a casual meal ruined by overbearing bass and bad music. Why does it seems that all decent all mid-range restaurants cave to this sort of vibe?

    On the other hand, live jazz would be really swell – and fit well with the whole “Chaplin” motif.

    • I saw a live DJ there (probably in violation of their license unless they got a stipulated endorsement) on first floor when I went there a month ago. I would bet they wouldn’t have a live DJ during dinner hours, just late night.

  • Has anyone actually eaten at this place? The ramen is laughably bad. I’ve had cup of noodles that were better, and I’m no ramen snob

    • I agree that the ramen here won’t win any best-of contests, but wouldn’t call it “laughably bad.” It’s not even approaching the quality of, say, Toki, but I actually liked it a lot more than the ramen I had at Sakuramen and almost as much as Daikaya because the huge amount of onion in Daikaya’s ramen is a big turnoff for me. I won’t run back for ramen there any time soon, but if I feel like having a simple meal out in the neighborhood, I would come back here. That said, I don’t expect to be back here -much-, and especially not after new places open nearby.

      • Yeah whenever i get Sakuramen it just okay and gets cold after a few bites. I guess i could ask them to heat it up. Its always packed so maybe Ive just been unlucky

  • I love this place and thought the ramen was good but I guess its almost as if different people have different tastes in food. I’ve been to here on a few occasions and its always filled with a decent amount of people. Staff was friendly too.

  • Are those apts. above it? How is the sound proofing?

    • I don’t think the residential spots above the restaurant were ever publicly listed. Guessing there’s enough soundproofing to keep the residents quiet.

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