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  • palisades

    Sounds incredibly average. Waste of an awesome spot.

  • Funny, walked past this space just today and it didn’t look anywhere close to done. Nice to have another lunch option down this way though, even if it just more overpriced, underwhelming, junk.

  • clevelanddave

    Just like the place that was there before- I think the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory? BTW thanks Capriotti’s for opening up your other place across from my favorite sub shop, Bub and Pops. No comparison-Bub and Pops is incredible.

    • palisades

      I think it was last a kebab place. Maybe before that a cheesesteak place

      • No, it was Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory, and nothing ever since. Grill Kabob, which you’re probably thinking of, was a block down on the corner of 33rd & M.

  • Too bad the food is so terrible. It’s Subway quality, at a significantly higher price.

  • I wonder if they’re planning on opening a shop at Nationals Park. They promoted the hell out of their sandwiches there last year, frequently staging pregame eating contests on the big screen, with the Thanksgiving-on-a-bun thing they’re famous for.

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