“OFFICIAL: D.C. United will finally have a home of its own, right here in DC, at Buzzard Point.”

From DC United:

Join us at 2:00 p.m. at Penn Social for a celebration of our new home at Buzzard Point.”


About D.C. United’s new stadium:

Where will the new stadium be located?
The new stadium will be located at Buzzard Point in Southwest, adjacent to Fort McNair, bounded by Half Street and Second Street SW, between R and T Streets.

When will the new stadium open? When will construction begin?
The groundbreaking and opening date are yet to be determined.

How many seats will be in the new stadium?
The new stadium will hold approximately 20,000 spectators.

Will the field be turf or grass?
The field surface will be natural grass.

How far away is the nearest Metro station from the new stadium?
.7 miles, a 12-minute walk

How close is the new stadium to National’s Park?
.3 miles, a 7-minute walk

What other events will be hosted at the new stadium?
International soccer, U.S. men’s and women’s national team matches, lacrosse, rugby, concerts, and college football, among others”

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  • justinbc

    Good for them (and anyone who owns real estate down there).

  • While I’m glad that we’re getting a stadium, why did we choose this route if the land swap deal would have cost less to us as tax payers? Is DC hoping to sell the Reeves Center for 80mil a couple of years from now?

    • The city likes to hold on to derelict properties for as long as possible. I try not to think about it.

    • The council didn’t pursue the land swap option because it felt the Reeves Center was undervalued in the deal. Better to get market value for the Reeves center and then use the proceeds on something else.

  • This is fantastic news. It looked for a long while that the City wouldn’t find a way to get this done, and just when I was most worried they would kill it, they sorted it out in a matter of weeks. I’m very very pleased right now.

  • I wonder how long it will take WaPo or another news outlet to track down the gifts and donations given to the Council and associates of Council members by real estate developers to get this deal made.

  • When does construction begin? While I’m thrilled that the stadium project is moving forward, it’s going to be sad to lose one of the few parking lots that allows tailgating before Nats games.

    • People…drive and tailgate to Nationals games?

      • Most people take Metro, and not a lot of people tailgate, but lots of people drive to games. And there’s a pretty significant tailgating scene at DC United games that will be missed by many.

  • So the owner has several hundred million dollars laying around to invest in Inter Milan, but DC taxpayers have to cough up $100 million to provide the land and infrastructure for the stadium? What a joke. Pure corporate welfare here. And I say this as someone who has been going to DC United games since the first season. Great for me personally, but unclear why others should have to subsidize my hobby and the owner’s plaything. Whole thing makes me sick.

  • Booooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Make the team pay for their own stadium.

    • They are paying for their own stadium; the team pays for the actual facilities built on the land. The city is purchasing (and owning, obv.) the land and paying for infrastructure. Real estate investment is generally regarded as a good investment, and the city has to pay for infrastructure no matter how that land gets developed, so I don’t see how this is a bad deal for the city.

      • By this logic, shouldn’t the city buy land for every business? I mean, if it’s such a great investment and all.

        • I think the city does invest in business. And I believe you can apply for grants as well.

        • Well, that’s not the logic for why the city should do it, it’s the logic for why it’s not a bad deal. But to answer your question, if the city can find businesses who will sign a 30-year lease on a large piece of land and will take full financial responsibility for construction and maintenance of structures on the land then yes, they should do it.

  • Fantastic news and a great investment for the city. This was a good deal for all sides.

  • I’m with Collin. Corporate welfare. Does anyone have an honest estimate of how much this will cost taxpayers? Ideally including whatever federal tax subsidy they’ll be getting from muni-bonds? Call me crazy, but I don’t trust the “independent” analysis the council commissioned with an outfit called “Convention Sports and Leisure”. Plus that analysis relied on the Reeves swap. And, of course, the real point: Even if this is a net positive for DC (it might well be), aren’t there many other investments with a greater NPV?

    We’ll be paying off the $535 M we borrowed for National’s stadium (we paid another $135 M upfront) forever. And I guess we’re not subsidizing one of the even richer leagues. So I guess this is a better deal … yay?

    So let’s end with the old fiddler joke. Is there a proper blessing for the IOC? Of course! May God bless and keep the IOC far away from us!

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