Bump n Grind, boutique coffee shop and record store, Grand Opening in Silver Spring this Weekend

Photo Credit: Paul Sirajuddin

Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“Three years ago, our founder David Fogel, had a vision to create a place that would continue our mission of cultivating a caring, conscientious community focused on forward thinking music, culture and pro-actively pushing things forward.

Tomorrow marks the end of the visioning and building period and the start of a new phase as he and long time friend Joe Liehr open the doors to Bump ‘n Grind – a boutique coffee shop, record store in downtown silver spring [1200 East West Highway].

Bump ‘n Grind will feature single origin, locally roasted coffees. A signature BnG espresso blend, locally crafted beers, sandwiches, salads, burritos and new release vinyl records from all over the world. We will also feature radio shows, hosted by local record labels ; music themed movie nights ; coffee cuppings and other associated events.

Please join us This Weekend for the Grand Opening Celebration Featuring our Vendors and some of our favorite local DJs and the culmination of years of hard work! Details Here.”

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  • These guys are great people – hope they have a ton of success!

  • Love it. Stopping by in the morning!

  • Very cool. Silver Spring already has a number of excellent coffee houses (Kaldi’s, Zed’s, Kefa) so hopefully they can find a niche and be successful.

  • Silver Spring doesn’t have a good coffee shop in South Silver Spring, where most of the people in downtown Silver Spring live. We rarely trek to Zed’s or any of those others for coffee. There is a big need and market for a coffee shop/little cafe in this area. The fact that they have alcohol and good music will help too.

    • Patrick, “where most of the people in downtown Silver Spring live” is just factually inaccurate. By a lot. Hence why the area has very little in the way of retail. Hopefully South SS can support B&G! It doesn’t look like they do a very good job supporting Scion or NaiNai anytime I trek over to that side of the tracks.

  • binpetworth

    Cool. In the words of R Kelly, “I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump n grind.”

  • Best. Name. Ever.

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