Bullfrog Bagels Now Available at Room 11 in Columbia Heights (also Smucker Farms and Little Red Fox)


@BullfrogBagels tweets us:

“@PoPville Tomorrow’s [Today] the soft start of bigger things for the coming year. Stay tuned for duration details from @room11dc!”

“Today, Bullfrogs are avail @room11dc [starting at 8am]! And always found in our shop & @smuckerfarmsdc @littleredfoxdc!”

Ed. Note: Room 11 is located at 11th and Lamont St, NW. Smucker Farms is located at 14th and W St, NW and Litte Red Fox is located at Connecticut and Nebraska Ave, NW. Their storefront location is located inside Star and Shamrock on H Street, NE.

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  • So disapointed when I had them before. When you order half a dozen bagels to go – who gives them to you toasted??? Honestly, I’d rather stick to Dunkins.

  • Finally tried them a few weeks ago when my brain woke up way too early on a Saturday. Parking on H St NE at 7AM is pretty awesome, BTW. Bagels, were just OK, nothing amazing. I know they make it one of their selling points, but there was way too much sourdough starter for my taste. I love sourdough, but there’s lots of yeast breads I prefer NOT to taste of it, including bagels. Very nice consistency, though, with a perfectly doughy interior and a crisp crust.
    I still maintain that Goldberg’s New York Bagels are by far the best in the area, and worth a run to Silver Spring or Rockville. They freeze beautifully and are good for weeks if not months. Cheaper than Bullfrog, too.
    To Ib: Too funny, I got them untoasted, but the staff seemed really confused when I asked for them untoasted and unsliced with nothing on them. I think I had to say “Please just put the bagels in a bag” about three times. Bizzare!

    • Quincy St Neighbor

      Agree, Goldberg’s is the BEST! And their Silver Spring location isn’t too far – just outside the District line and still inside the beltway. I love their lox cream cheese spread.

      • Concur, the lox spread is delicious! The left turn across GA Ave can be brutal, but otherwise the Silver Spring store is really easy.

  • thank you lord baby jesus. a decent bagel in walking distance from my house, finally. i think this place is the most solid in the district (recognizing that if you’re willing to travel, you’ll do better by brooklyn bagel in court house, goldberg’s in silver spirng, or the bagel place in college park)

  • We live near Bullfrog on H and were so excited for them to open and have been about 7-8 times so far.. I have to say it’s been a disappointment, though. The quality control needs major improvement. Sometimes the bagels are under cooked, sometimes over cooked. On the rare occasion, they are perfect and yummy. They have given us fewer bagels than we paid for on two occasions and I also wish they would add a new flavor once in a while. While the bagels are better than Dunkin Donuts, they are definitely not worth the hype.

  • Oh man, this is awesome! Ruppert wins again! Bagel Shop in Petworth???

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