La Ti Do says Black Fox Lounge Closing Jan. 1st in Dupont

1723 Connecticut Ave, NW

@dcjpad tweets:

“Hmm, no @blackfoxlounge in #DupontCircle after 1/1, says @LaTiDoDC.”

La Ti Do’s facebook says:

“ANNOUNCEMENT: Black Fox Lounge will be closing effective Jan 1, 2015. La-Ti-Do programming in 2015 will continue, but we are actively looking for a new space. We’ve been nothing but thankful for Black Fox and we will sorely miss it. Obstacles are inevitable, but together we will find La-Ti-Do in DC a new home for the new year and beyond. Any questions/suggestions should be directed to [email protected] and we will gladly welcome any and all messages.

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  • Another one bites the dust. It’s such a shame seeing Connecticut Avenue decline and become a shadow of its former self as these businesses die off and others move. Wonder how long it will take to revitalize as things move east in the city.

    • I’m not sure I get this comment. The crap on Connecticut Avenue has been there since I moved to DC in the 90s. Since then, great places have planted there that maybe you just haven’t noticed: Bethesda Bagels is jammed every weekend I’ve gone to it; Flippin Pizza; Smashburger; City Lights is still there; La Tomate is still there; that nasty Cosi closed finally; Fusion pizza is new; etc. etc. I’d say it’s as interesting or uninteresting as it ever was depending on what you like or don’t like. It’s no 14th Street, but it never was.

      • Not to mention Bistro du Coin, Mourayo, and Le Mirch, among other restaurants on that stretch.

      • saf

        But Food for Thought, and Cafe Petito, and Lambda Rising, and Mystery Books – all gone

        • i used to really like food for thought. super chill place. cheap pool table. cheap pitchers of beer. unique food selection. open mike. fun musicians. great meeting spot.

          i guess bus boys kind of fills that, but Food for Thought just felt better.

  • Hopefully this will be replaced by something a little higher quality. That side of Connecticut between R and Florida is a pretty sad stretch outside of Boardroom.

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