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  • I walked by there this weekend. looks nice. Why are we calling it a McCafe though? and not just a McDonald’s? I didn’t go in, but from glancing through the window, it appeared to have the full regular food menu. I was imagining that a McCafe would be just their coffee options (like a McD’s Starbucks). So is a McCafe just a McDonald’s with the extended coffee drink options?

    Much improved street corner!! and if it’s gotta be a McD’s, I do love the modern signage. Kudos to McD’s for adapting to the changing nature of 14th Street.

    • I’m also confused about this – I have seen stores called “McCafe” in Europe that seem to be a different concept than a regular McDonald’s (full range of espresso options, lounge chairs, ceramic coffee cups, real silverware, not as much food available). This basically seems like a standard McDonald’s in most ways, except with some of the aesthetic elements of the McCafe concept. (I know they call their coffee drinks “McCafe” drinks, but I think that’s the same in all McD’s and doesn’t have anything to do with the restaurant concept.)

  • This renovation does nothing for me. The kiddy-striped walls just remind me that I’m eating plastic play food.

    • If it has a standard McDonalds menu it is not a “McCafe.” That is a wholly separate concept that McDonalds has tested in the few places.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever walk inside this place, but I’m really happy with the exterior. If we have to have a McDonalds there, at least it’s one that blends in well with the surroundings.

  • Hopefully now with fewer cockroaches living in the soda dispensers!

  • One drunken and or teenage fight and those chairs become missiles.

  • I liked the renovation. In fact, yesterday I stopped in for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal. And, yes, it really was good!!

  • Putting lipstick on a pig…

  • But do they still have the luxury pay-a-quarter bathrooms?!

  • Yes, but are the Quarter-Pounders free range?

  • Makes sense since Mickey D’s is probably all that a lot of the new folks in that area can afford after they’ve paid their luxury rents.

  • Since it’s 14th Street, they have locally sourced farm-to-table McNuggets available on the small plate tasting menu. I also hear you can get a flight of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Cherry Coke for only $16.

  • I kind like the old signs better. The new signs make it look like you are going to eat in an American Apparel. And stop trying to front. You all know you love those fries and when none of your friends from yoga class are looking you eat them up real good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There appears to be a walk up window? Did anyone else notice that?

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