Atlas Brew Works Offering Beer in Cans Starting Friday


From a press release:

“Atlas Brew Works today announced it will offer beer in cans at select retailers and
its Ivy City facility beginning Friday, December 19th!

“We are thrilled to offer our customers Atlas beer in cans!” said Atlas CEO Justin Cox, “Atlas drinkers will be able to enjoy our beer in many places that just aren’t practical for a keg or growler. From grabbing a 6- pack for a neighborhood cookout to sitting by the pool or going for a hike, cans are very versatile and we’re excited to add them to our lineup.”

Atlas will offer 6-packs of its two flagship brands, the quaffable lager District Common and the hoppy rye ale Rowdy. Previously, Atlas beers were available on draft throughout the District, and in kegs, growlers, and large format bottles from the brewery. “Cans are a great packaging addition for Atlas, they keep our beer fresh by protecting the beer from light and oxygen, and they have the added environmental benefit of being completely recyclable.” said Head Brewer Will Durgin.

Atlas Brew Works will exclusively debut Rowdy and District Common cans at Whole Foods Market in Logan Circle (1440 P St NW) on Friday, December 19th, with tastings available at the store on Saturday, December 20th. Availability will follow at other stores and markets throughout D.C. beginning the 22nd. Cans will also be available in the brewery Tasting Room, open Fridays 5-8pm, Saturdays 1-8pm, and Sundays 1-8pm.

Founded by Justin Cox and award winning professional brewer Will Durgin, Atlas Brew Works is located in the Ivy City neighborhood of Northeast D.C. Atlas offers its signature fresh, local beers Rowdy and District Common as well as rotating seasonals to thirsty Washingtonians in taverns, restaurants, and markets across the District.”

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  • This is great news. I like their Rowdy Rye quite a bit.

  • Time to buy a second fridge

  • Awesome! Hope they will be available at Safeways.

  • justinbc

    I’m liking Atlas’ beer a lot more lately. It started kind of average, but they’ve improved and some of the new items have been pretty good. I haven’t had anything I found really all that unique or outstanding, so unless places put them at a competitive price due to being DC local I still wouldn’t grab them off the shelf, but if it was a a dollar or two less than a similar style beer (as it should be, since it’s made here) then I would definitely consider it.

    • You think because it’s made here that a six-pack of craft beer should be less than $10 (standard cost for a micro)? That’s funny. I would buy their beer because its a California common and a hoppy rye, two styles that aren’t that popular when you go to a liquor store.

      • When you don’t have to pay to ship across state lines then yes any product SHOULD BE cheaper.

        • Yea, I always laugh when I see your run-of-the-mill DC Brau’s (which I find generally mediocre) selling six packs for $11.99, but I guess folks keep on buying?

  • Hopefully 3 Stars is up next. They are the best thing going.

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