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  • Right Proper is awesome, I just wished they’d get rid of that ugly cow-pen fencing around the tables. It sullies an otherwise smart looking storefront. What is it about American outdoor dining that makes operators want to fence in their inmates…er, customers. You rarely see this in Europe, and if there is separation it is usually with low planters/greenery. Beau Thai in Mt. Pleasant actually does this quite nicely. No fence required.

    • Given their awful aesthetics and ubiquity in this city, I’d wager that they’re not some sort of endemic architectural malaise, but instead a requirement of the liquor license, or perhaps the outdoor seating permit.

      • justinbc

        Yes, it’s a legal requirement.

      • Having some sort of delineation of the area might be required, but does it have to be ugly? I think that is what Myron is getting at.

        • justinbc

          Myron should be happy they added more seating to a regularly overcrowded destination, and stop worrying about if it’s pretty enough for him.

          • False dichotomy.
            This is a somewhat surprising reaction given your other posts, it’s clear that aesthetics matter to you in some situations. In this case they matter to others of us.

          • justinbc

            What type of mandatory fence a restaurant uses is somewhere along the bottom of the barrel in terms of criteria I would ever evaluate on, unless they decided to use barbwire.

          • Fair enough. But some of want streetscapes that are more welcoming than these fences that look like crowd control barriers. Try to appreciate the diversity of opinions rather than attack people who prioritize things in a different way than you do.

  • I hope All Souls’ owners were running it on Thanksgiving, and they didn’t make their employees come in on the holiday!

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I assume this is because of liquor license laws. Because you cannot have an open container on the sidewalk/street, you need to delineate where a “patio/seating area” ends and the sidewalk begins. They could do it with planters I would think, but fencing is easy and cheap.

  • They charge a dollar for ice.

  • Except for the fact that the majority of their beer is not very good. I like the place but my friends and I don’t go because the subpar beer

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