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@DCPoliceDept tweeted around 1:30am:

“4D Shooting//13th & Gallatin St NW”

“On Thursday, December 25, 2014, around 10:45 pm, MPD responded to the sounds of gunshots in the 700 block of Emerson Street, NW. The victim of the shooting drove himself to the hospital for treatment of a gunshot. The injury is not life-threatening. A lookout for two black males that fled in a white vehicle was provided by the victim.

Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to contact the MPD CIC at 202-727-9099.”

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  • This is extremely sad and disturbing. What is going on in Petworth/Columbia Heights?? I would have hoped these days were behind us.

  • PoP, don’t let it grind you down.

  • Ok, I count atleast 10 shootings in petworth in the last 2 weeks. Has petworth seen upticks like this in the recent past? Hope the new year is more peaceful.

  • jim_ed

    BRB, googling bulletproof windows for the home.

  • What is going on around the neighborhood now? Christmas Eve night the police closed off 13th St not too far away after reports of 10 gunshots. Fortunately no one was hurt in that one. But something really bad is happening. I hate seeing this and feeling..helpless.

  • Yeah, I called the police for this one. Heard at least 5 gunshots last night that sounded like they were within a couple blocks of my house. It’s great that popville reports these incidents so that PTW residents are aware what’s going on, but until the Post or another national media outlet picks up this story, there will be little pressure on MPD or the mayor-elect to do anything.

  • Also, we need more of a police presence! We need more patrols on foot and bike and segway.

    Folks, if you hear gunshots or see anything please call the police immediately! The police use statistics on calls received to help allocate resources. If we’re not calling reporting these things, not only might the bad guys get away, but the police may not be able to station more officers in our area.

    • Don’t the police also use shot scanner to immediately respond to shootings? It seems a crazy high percentage of the city’s shootings have been happening in Petworth lately. The police should have enough stats to justify an increase in presence by this point.

  • We need additional police resources assigned to the neighborhood. I don’t know what is going on, but I need to see some arrests made and this violence come to an end. This is completely unacceptable.

  • Mug of Glop

    Must have been an active night! Police were out in force at Harvard (maybe Columbia?) on the west side of 14th at about 8 pm last night. At least eight cruisers, and possibly more. After we passed the area, an ambulance tore up 14th, and then a couple minutes later, back down 14th and east, presumably toward Howard. MPD Twitter feed mentions a robbery around there at about that time, but nothing about anyone injured.

  • As Commander Manlapaz said himself at the MPD meeting at Raymond Rec last Thursday: if you feel in your gut that something doesn’t feel right, call 911. Yes, 911. Every citizen has to do their part in reporting suspicious activity, particularly during a period of heightened crime. I’m sorry, “uptick.”

  • Hopefully WaPo will be reporting on the violence in Petworth. I was contacted by a reporter today in regards to a letter I sent to the mayor-elect. I stressed the need for feet on the ground, interaction with the community. Hopefully it gets some traction.

    • Just out of curiosity, did Mayor Elect Bowser respond to your letter? It is my experience that letters to her go unanswered.

    • I’m glad the Post is reaching out to people about this. Their coverage to date has been very disappointing.

      • The reporter said, and I quote, “We need to get someone up there to cover this.” Hopefully that is the case.

        • I agree, except that I would have put the same statement in the past tense. I realize it’s the holidays, but it seems like all of DC’s media outlets have opted out of covering this story for some reason. And I’m at work today, so I’m not very sympathetic!

          • west_egg

            Better late than never, I guess? It’s not that WaPo hasn’t covered the shootings at all, but they certainly haven’t profiled the trend as a whole. Call me a cynic, but maybe because there was so much violence so close to Christmas, that will make for a “better story” and help get some extra traction/put more pressure on city leaders.

  • This is getting ridiculous. Live a block away – moved in early summer 2013. Neighborhood has only improved since I’ve been here. There’s a massive house that just sold at 13th and Gallatin a few months back that was listed for 998k (not sure what it sold for). I realize housing prices aren’t the only indicator of a neighborhood, but still… just can’t understand why this is happening here. It has to be people from outside this area, right?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Neighborhoods don’t turn over instantaneously. Most of your neighbors bought their houses a long time ago for a lot less than $998K. In both my current and previous neighborhood, the few problem houses were occupied by the adult children and/or adult grandchildren of the original owners, who bought back in the 1940’s.

    • Agreed, just completely ridiculous. Hopefully the new precinct commander can get some help from our community.

    • It’s funny how time can change your perspective. I’ve in in the neighborhood since 2003 and I think it’s gotten worse in the last year in a few ways. 2010-2011 were great years IMO.

      I don’t intend to leave, but I have been increasingly unhappy with the new vibe of the neighborhood. Just not where I thought the neighborhood was headed.

  • If you went to the Raymond Rec mtg, it was fairly obvious the police and new commander don’t rewlly have a clue as to what is happening. I’m not saying I blame them, but I left with little confidence. Their message was more victim blaming/community policing… I’m sorry, that’s not my job. I will certainly call 911 if I see something, but I work all day long snd take care of my kids at night. I’m not out walking the neighborhood (I’d probably get shot!) or constantly staring out my windows. The police, the ANC reps and Mayor-Elect need to get on top of this. I hope our new council member is tougher on crime and more proactive!

  • Just wondering: Does the legalization of handgun possession and liberalization of gun-carry regs have anything to do with this sudden rash of shootings?

    We are hearing about more and more such incidents in my neighborhood (N. Petworth) and neighbors are quite alarmed.

    • I would say the District’s decision to allow law-abiding DC residents who don’t have a criminal history to own firearms has nothing to do with the increased shootings in petworth during the last month. The process for registering a firearm in DC is rigorous and I doubt the people perpetrating the recent shootings are doing so with legally-registered firearms. That just doesn’t make any sense.

    • no. that hasn’t gone into effect really, and I can tell you now that none of the guns used were legally registered to whomever shot them.

  • This is one theory, anyway: http:// www.

  • Does anyone know what the murder/shooting at 2600 Sherman was about? Was it robbery? All I saw in paper was shooting and name withheld till notification to next of kin.

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