Another Daytime Shooting just before 4:30pm Tuesday

From MPD:

“Today [Tuesday] at approximately 1625 hours, an adult male was shot in the 5300 block of Chillum Place, NE. The victim was transported to the hospital where the person is receiving treatment. There is not a usable look out at this time and the case is currently being investigated by the Fourth District Detectives Office. Additional MPD units are being deployed to the area.”

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  • ShotSpotter works incredibly well if your community has problems with gunslingers. We have at least three sensors in Shaw. But, ultimately, ShotSpotter is just a super expensive, big government Bandaid to deal with a problem officials — and citizens — continue to fail to address.

    In March this year, before I could reach for my iphone, as shots erupted in front of my house near the charter school across the street, I could hear the MPD vehicles en-route, as could the OUC operator, because all MPD units in the area got the alert simultaneously. But 8 months later, MPD still has not found any of the perpetrators who shot two young victims.

    Shotspotter isn’t a solution; it’s just a glamorous reaction to gun crime which helps elected offiicals look like they’ve done something when they haven’t done jack.

    Decades of DCPS and elected democratic officials failing to properly educate local residents — with more convenient resources than most jurisdictions nation wide — gave us the situation we live with. Even poor well educated young people know they have better options and potential than to resort to crime.

    We pay for one of the most expensive school systems in the nation with the worst results. Instead of educating students, unions-elected officials-AND CITIZENS, are more concerned about giving mediocre bureaucrats cushy jobs and extraordinary summer vacations.

    The sea of court cases down at the Moultrie Courthouse tell the whole story — gunfire is just the tip of the iceberg. The tide of generations of under-educated poor people is not going to be reduced any time soon. The drug war and prohibition perpetuates the problem which encourages too many poor blacks, latinos and others to pick up a gun to fight over pennies. But if you’re poor, your families have failed you, and the elected black democratic leaders et al in your city haven’t provided you with better support, resources and opportunities — pennies look like wealth.

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