4th Annual Columbia Heights Christmas Tree Lighting is Sat. Dec. 6th


From an email:

“4th Annual Columbia Heights Christmas Tree Lighting – Dec 6th
Columbia Heights Civic Plaza at 14th and Park Rd., NW.

The lighting ceremony will be Saturday, December 6th at 6:30pm. Last year we had over 400 people attend the lighting. The tree is a wonderful way for residents from across the city (not just Columbia Heights!) to come together as a community during the holiday season.”

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  • Wish they would lose the security fencing around it or at least put up something less big and obtrusive. Kinda ruins the whole aesthetic, and makes the message less “merry christmas” and more “don’t steal our ornaments”.

  • i have gone to this neighborhood event every year and look forward to it. singing carols, hot cocoa from panera, and the lighting of the tree. as for the fence it is not so people don’t steel the ornaments but to keep the the people/kids away from the tree. the plaza is used by many, and the kids love to run around and play there on nice days you just need one person to get hurt “by the tree” and there goes a neighborhood tradition.

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