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  • This is a damn good deal, considering it has a private roof deck.

  • I’m going to say bad deal. Pretty sure you can find a much nicer apartment in most of the neighborhoods in NoMa for around this price. For my money, I’d prefer having a gym, pool, and on call maintenance.

  • The outside is kind of bleak and depressing, but the inside is really cute.

  • I was going to say this was maybe $100 too high until I saw that it has assigned parking. I think it’s fair.

  • Of course, the parking lot and building you see in the pictures to the left is about to be demolished and become a construction site for a 7-story apartment building in the immediate future, so…

  • Sounds about right, maybe even a little underpriced.

  • I looked into buying the house next door when it was for sale last year. The view out the front of this building is of a giant transformer, and trains pass by regularly. It’s also pretty desolate at night.

    • brookland_rez

      I used to live around the corner from this on Parker St back in 2006. The trains were never enough to bother me. The only thing going for it back then was being close to 2 Metro stops. Now, there’s 2 grocery stores and lots of restaurants and bars. It’s a great location now.

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