Union Station Food Court Scuttlebutt – Dunkin Donuts and Walgreens Coming Soon?

lower lever 50 Massachusetts Ave, NE

A tipster who has provided some very accurate tips in the past says that word is Dunkin Donuts and a Walgreens are coming to the Union Station Food Court. Stay tuned.

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  • Walgreens???! In the food court???! Weird.

    • brookland_rez

      There used to be an independent pharmacy there back in like 2006, right next to the shoe repair shop.

      • I remember that one. Tschiffleys. I know the USPS is there now. Just doesn’t seem there would be enough room for anything bigger than that down there. I love Walgreens! Wishing for one over near Barracks Row one day! Could replace that CVS at 7th and Penn or 12th and Penn and I would be truly happy!!!

  • I want a Walgreens, send one to Adams Morgan!

  • A pharmacy coming back to Union Station should be able to do great business. Being the food court is a little weird, though.

    • I think it’s a smart move. It’s the empty space right next to the entrance from the Metro Station. Lots of foot traffic.

  • Is Walgreens taking over the theater space? It would make perfect sense as that area in general lacks a pharmacy.

    • Plus, taking over theaters for pharmacies is an old DC tradition — like the Biograph in Georgetown and the old Circle MacArthur.

    • Aglets

      That was my thought too! Only time will tell if people will still pee all over its floor i guess…

    • True about the area lacking pharmacies. The new CVS at 7th & H will help, though. But isn’t the theater space kind of huge for a Walgreens? Unless they’re planning a mega-store like the one in Chinatown. I wonder if they might close off the area next to the theater (where the Rice Bowl and some other food stands used to be) and turn that into retail, effectively downsizing the food court. It would make sense given how many fewer food stands there are these days.

    • OH! I forgot about that space! That would be a good size Walgreens then!

  • I would have bet Dunkin Donuts and a CVS.

    There is a CVS at the corner of Conn & Calvert, then a Wallgreens at Cleveland park.
    Franchises and chains are the future of commerce.

  • i wonder if it will go in part of the former movie theater space.

    Speaking of which, bring the theater back!!!

  • I understand the Walgreens, because I imagine there are a good number of travelers who could use that. I know from experience (having to buy contact lens solution at the Hudson Books) that the area needs something like a Walgreens.

  • I think a good size pharmacy/drug store might not be a bad option there. It can serve the tourists as well as any of the people in the offices buildings in that area.

  • A Walgreens would be a nice addition for those of us working around Union Station and as mentioned for travelers.

  • a few years back Union Station management started pressuring the existing food court vendors to leave in order to make it more “classy/upscale” with claims that they were going to bring in better establishments. Since then, the whole lower level has taken on an unfinished, grimier feel and decent options like Burrito Bros and Vaccaro’s (and the pharmacy and the candy store) have departed. There’s decent food options at Union Station, but they’re now on the first floor, and each time I walk through the lower level it’s that much more depressing.

    • Yeah, but doesn’t the food court still do a pretty swift business? I’m not in there during the week very often, but I remember the food court used to always be packed with tour groups. I imagine it still fills that niche, even if some of the office workers who used to go there are now choosing Chipotle, Shake Shack, Potbelly, etc.

      • brookland_rez

        I used to live near Union Station and there were always tons of tour groups eating there in the lower level food court.

  • It does an excellent lunch trade but is dead in the evening. Don’t know if lunch really is enough to sustain and attract business.

  • It’s pretty absurd that there’s not already a pharmacy or a DD in Union Station.
    They will both do booming business. Guaranteed money makers.

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