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  • Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely needed and will certainly be used!

  • Is that in the middle of the road?

    • Between the road and the cycletrack.

    • They recently put in a cycle track on the east side of the street – this looks like it is still on the east side but just outside the cycle track (providing a buffer along the track, like parking does in other stretches)

      • justinbc

        That seems like really odd placement. Gonna have to swing by this weekend and have a look.

        • It is. I’m an avid cyclist and a huge fan of expanding both bikeshare and cycletracks in the city, but they really did a number to the ability to drive along that road–two lanes each way to one each way, with traffic slowing barriers as well. Let’s see how it handles the hordes of traffic on Saturday morning coming and going from Union Market…

  • Finally. This will certainly increase my frequency to Union Market. It’s embarrassing to say the four-block walk from the NOMA racks was a deterrent, but it definitely was in practice.

  • I will use this for sure. It will also entice me to go there more at night, provided there is useful “re-balancing” by CapBikeshare at this docking station and always a bike when one needs it. Useful for after Angelika too.

  • Now the city just needs to put a bike lane on Florida Ave…

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