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  • Any insight into whether it still smells like a rotting corpse in there?

  • I wonder if they woke up still high and mistakenly thought that coke was just legalized.

  • A comment on the previous post said that it reopened on Halloween, has a fresh coat of white paint and laminate floor, and is serving a Pakistani menu.

  • I was in there the other day. The lower floor is covered with wood laminate, so the rotten odor is gone. Other than that, the stairs are still held together by the rotted carpet, and everything else looks the same. Same bartender too.

  • Back in the day this was a nice little place – loved the monte cristo they did and the md crab soup was quite excellent. Their summer crabfest was a fun thing to do in nice weather.

    nowadays, I wouldn’t go near this place.

  • Are these new idiots, though? I know it’s been through at least one ownership change but that was a while ago when Doug (one of the original owners) sold.

  • Back in late 90s early aughts Townhouse and Fox & Hounds were great neighborhood bars with regular clientele and good bartenders. Fox is a former shell of itself, and yes Townhouse got very creepy. Really wish Dupont could get a great regular neighborhood bar.

  • I walked by there the other day and they had white tablecloths on the downstairs tables. Blew my mind.

    Duke’s, on 17th by P, is an excellent neighborhood spot with terrrific food. Its more of a restaurant but the bar is quite lively on weekends.

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