Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

1441 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 1441 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Large, light-filled studio on the front of the building facing south. Contemporary open floor plan features entry hall with laundry CL, open kitchen with gas range and large living area with bedroom alcove and oversized walk in closet. Large bath with deep soaking tub, wood floors, tall ceilings, crown molding, track lighting and two storage lockers. Building has a concierge and fitness center.”

You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1,850/Mo.

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  • Great deal. This is a really nice building right in the middle of everything and it’s one of the best-looking studios I’ve seen listed here in ages. I wouldn’t be surprised if renters bid this one up, assuming there’s a way to do that (?).

  • $1,850 for a studio? I know it’s all about what the market will bear, but man that seems like a lot of money for a big room, although you probably could squeeze a single bed in the closet and re-enact “Barefoot in the Park.” In 1989, my roommate and I were paying $950 for a two-bedroom right next door to the Barrel House on Rhode Island.

    • Just factoring inflation alone $950 in 89 is ~$1850 today. Factor in the fact real estate prices appreciated well beyond inflation since 89 in the DC area and you were probably considered “overpaying” in 89 😉

  • That seems a little high for a studio. But that is a nicely equipped building and great location, so I bet they will get it.

  • I live here and it’s a great community.

    At our recent annual condo meeting we discussed an issue with a well-dressed (but probably homeless) intruder who followed people into the building in order to stay indoors overnight. Not ideal, but AFAIK he’s never bothered or hurt anyone. We just got a brand new security system, HD cameras and new fobs, but not much you can do if residents allow people to follow them inside.

    And then after that the floor was opened up for other problems, and it was basically crickets. A couple of people wished the garage door opened faster. (Like one of those pneumatic super fast ones.) And someone mentioned a nearby (but not adjacent) alleyway was falling victim to an irresponsible dog owner. But seriously, that was it.

    Oh, and we all groaned that we can only get Comcast, not Verizon Fios.

    I can’t believe the listing doesn’t include a photo of our gym. It’s very nice by condo gym standards. Just got a bunch of new equipment.

    We’re very fortunate to have a great board and a great front-desk staff.

  • You could get a slightly less nice, slightly less central one bedroom for this price. I would say this is fair depending on your priorities.

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