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  • These instructions and the actual website are clear as mud, as you’d expect from DC. You get a postcard telling to ‘register” at the website. You go to the website, and it says registration is only open for 2014. It continues that registration for 2015 will open on Oct 1. October 1st was weeks ago, mind you. On the bottom of the page is an option for “2015 pre-registration,” whatever that means. I mean, I think I can figure it all out, but man, DC, nothing is easy with you.

    • While my 2014 application has languished in administrative purgatory for the better part of this year, I “pre-registered” for 2015 back in October. I just checked the status of my application and it’s listed as “approved,” which is farther than I ever made it this year. Now, I just hope they actually send a pass.

      • tonyr

        Congratulations, my status is “submitted”, so that’s useful.

        • TonyR, I had the same thing (just “submitted,” even though I’d submitted it on August 25). When I tried it again, the confirmation e-mail referred to a 2015 pass — something the previous confirmation e-mail didn’t mention. I’m wondering if my previous application ended up in the pile for a 2014 pass and was held in limbo because (of course) I already had a 2014 pass.

      • I just got my preregistered 2015 permit aaaaannnnnddddd…… it was for 2014. Expired September 30, 2014. Parker, if you do get yours, hopefully it will actually be for 2015.

        • it expires December 31st actually, so you got that going for you!

          • In theory.
            Around 2001 or 2002, D.C. switched from having registration stickers on cars’ license plates to having a window sticker instead. However, nobody told Parking Enforcement and for a while they ticketed cars that had window stickers. *facepalm*

  • I still can’t get one of these as a Ward 2 resident, correct?

  • I am amazed that this is for free. With parking such a premium, the idea that someone can get an EXTRA parking space for zero dollars is incredible. Shouldn’t the city at least charge $100 a year?

    • I wouldn’t call it an extra parking space– whoever’s using it will get ticketed if they’re using it regularly. Does it really bother you that maybe one space on your block is being used by someone’s guest while you’re at work and don’t need it anyway?

      • Incorrect – as long as the pass is valid, they will NOT be ticketed. I’ve confirmed this with VPP office staff a few weeks ago. I was SHOCKED that a car could use this pass for months and months and not get a ticket for failing to secure DC tags. The person I spoke with told me “well, maybe they don’t want to register their car.” And that is exactly why this program is destined to fail.

        • That sounds like a lazy parking enforcement officer. The VPP program regulations directly contradict what that person said. I don’t doubt the validity of your experience, but that is not the intent of program. Each pass has a scanable QR code to prevent such abuse. However, it only works if officers actually enforce the program as intended.

          • Anon, I was shocked that this was the case. I actually called VPP twice, as well, as emailed DDOT. Everyone I communicated with said there is NO limit on how often a card can be displayed, as long as it is valid. I can’t even make this up. And to add insult to injury – a car can get a ROSA exemption and park overnight. I agree, this is not what the program was designed for, but well….there is a loophole. There are also no regulations or rules that define “abuse” of the program.

          • I think it’s difficult for the officers to scan the QR codes. They are often on the dashboard. I’ve only seen the officers check if the pass exists, they don’t even get close enough to make sure the pass is for the right ANC. Yes, this could be blamed on “officer laziness” but the design isn’t conducive to making it easy for the officers to do their job.
            So long as you have a car properly registered with ROSA, you can park on the streets all year long without hassle. I know this because my ex-girlfriend (with VA plates) would stay with me for up to two weeks at a time during her school breaks. I live in an with constant parking enforcement inspections and she never had an issue, so long as her ROSA was current and the pass was on her dashboard.

        • Admittedly I haven’t specifically talked to someone, but I think that if the same car uses the visitor pass they can get a ticket. My parents came down a lot to help me move and after a few trips they got a warning on their car telling them to apply for a ROSA exemption or prove that they live outside DC. Otherwise, they’d be ticketed if they were parked on the street again within a few months’ window. However, like someone else said it depends on the officer actually doing their job (I guess the one in my neighborhood is on the ball).

          • ROSA is different – that is for overnight/weekend parking (outside of regular parking enforcement hours). I’ve called in several instances of what appears to be an abuse of the program and was told, repeatedly, that as long as they have ROSA, and a valid VPP, that there is nothing to enforcement. It is a case of one hand not knowing/caring what the other is doing. Parking enforcement is alive and well on my street, so I don’t think this is a case of a lazy parking officer.

          • But that’s the loophole the OP was talking about – all you need to do is apply for the ROSA and you’re in the clear. The ROSA requirements are laughable, you just need to prove that you live elsewhere outside the District and that your car is registered there. So many people I know still have their cars registered to their parents’ residence back in the Midwest and their home state’s drivers license. It’s a very low barrier of proof.

          • “So many people I know still have their cars registered to their parents’ residence back in the Midwest and their home state’s drivers license.”
            That sounds like a pain. You should tell them the DC DMV is not nearly as bad as most DMVs are.

        • That’s really strange because my girlfriend’s brother was ticketed–repeatedly– during a month when he needed to be at our house two days a week and was using our VPP.

          • That’s because he needed to register for the ROSA if he’s staying in town for more than one week. They’ll be less likely to write a ticket if he’s using a pass from the police station, since the VPP is so rife with abuse.

          • That is weird. What was he ticketed for? The ppl I spoke with said there is no infraction for using a valid VPP every day. I could not believe what they told me, as it makes no sense.

          • Yes, he ended up applying for ROSA. But the original tickets were because he used the VPP several times. So I think HIll Easter is mistaken.

          • Curious as to what the ticket was for – I’d like to know so I can use it to get the abuse under control on my street!

      • It’s a temporary spot for a visitor. You can go to any police station right now and get a temporary pass that is good for two weeks. This is no different.

        • Except, in theory, there is a limit on those temp MPD issued passes.

          • Hard to see how that would be enforced – only once out of the dozen+ times I’ve gotten one have they even recorded anything in their big log book, and it’s hard to imagine anyone ever going through that ledger to look for repeats or patterns. As much as parking issues rile me up, even I think that would be a poor use of police efforts!

      • I use my VPP regularly, but my car is legally registered in one zone, while I live in another.

    • So for people who don’t get a lot of visitors, they could just use their own visitor pass rather than pay the $35 for a residential parking pass?

  • I can’t help but think that all the effort put into informing me about my 2015 pass could have been used to get me my pass by now. I’ve signed up online and gotten confirmation emails. I’ve gotten postcards in the mail about pass availability. Why not just send me the pass already?

  • Holy cow. I got the postcard too. Why not just mail me the freaking pass. Yuo know the one I have had for the last year? Why oh why does DDOT make this so much more difficult than it needs to be (and wasteful in paper waste and $$$).

  • What’s the easiest way to figure out if you live on an eligible RPP block?

  • I’m glad I have a driveway and that street parking is cake on my block.

  • FYI when filling out the form do not use the quadrant if you get a negative response. They might use it with the number and letter streets but the ones with names come up only after deleting the quadrant.

    • I just checked and it says Approved for my application. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before they verify your pass/address?

      • That’s what I was hoping, but I submitted on August 25.
        I went ahead and resubmitted, and this time (unlike before) the confirmation e-mail specifically refers to a 2015 pass. I wonder if the previous one ended up in the pile for 2014 by mistake.

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